The Best Laid Plans…..

Journalism has taught me to expect the unexpected. Just when you plan out every story in a publication, something big happens and changes everything. NBC news analyst, Tim Russert, had a sign in his office which read , THOU SHALT NOT WHINE. I have reproductions of that sign all around my classroom in honor of Russert and as a reminder to my student journalists to expect the unexpected.

At the beginning of this week, I had every moment until my daughter’s wedding on June 18 planned. There is much to do and since I have a few days off before teaching summer school, I had planned to get it all done next week. Then came the unexpected.

On Wednesday, Gigi and I snuck out of school to run down the street to one of San Antonio’s favorite Mexican restaurants for a quick lunch. We were talking rapidly as always and walking toward the entrance when my foot caught on something and I fell hard onto concrete. I hate falling. It’s embarrassing and makes me feel old! My pride is always the first injury in a fall…I just want to quickly get up…shake it off…and go on my merry way.

This really was the restaurant’s fault. A tree root has grown under the sidewalk and pushed a piece of it up making this a dangerous place for anyone to walk. The manager even admitted that he has known he needed to deal with it….but did not even offer to buy our lunch!! (Just a note: I do not believe in these types of law suits. I will not sue them. I support business and our economy doesn’t need these types of litigations)

During the lunch though, the pain in my side, under the left breast, became sharper and sharper. Breathing was difficult. Laughing, impossible. Coughing…don’t go there. It turns out that I have a broken rib… X rays, doctor visit, two pain killers, and much annoyance later….I am somewhat crippled until the wedding.

The restaurant has said they will cover all medical bills so I am waiting patiently for their insurance company to call. The good thing is that I spoke to the manager immediately after it happened and GIGI took a quick picture with her phone. The picture of the sidewalk is the most telling evidence of negligence on their part. I encourage you that if something like this happens to you to take immediate action just in case you need doctor bills covered. Now, I also have to deal with that pesky doctor question, WHEN WAS YOUR LAST BONE DENSITY SCAN? (Shhhhh, I haven’t had one…but will get one now)

So, here I am….in pain with much to do….but, THOU SHALT NOT WHINE.


  1. I am so sorry to hear that, Pam
    In America you can sue , here is: tough luck you should look where you are going.
    Think how well is all in going to go at the wedding , and how beautiful you all are going to look. I keep the:THOU SHALT NOT WHINE.
    Much love.

  2. Ouch! I'm sure it will be quite tender for a few weeks. Very relieved to hear that the restaurant will take care of the medical for you. They are doing the right thing, and that can be rare. Wishes for a speedy recovery!

  3. Oh you poor thing! I hate this for you! Take it easy and just rest up. My friend who is pregnant with twins, broke her rib sneezing! She said it hurts a lot!

  4. Oh Pam, I am so sorry! Please take care of yourself. Let your friends and family take care of you. I know they'll be happy to take over many of the pre-wedding tasks — especially the ones that involve running around. Get yourself well so that you can enjoy that special day and really appreciate it.

  5. Broken ribs are so painful. I'm sorry this happened before the wedding when you have so much to do. I hate falling because not only is it embarrassing but people always act like you fell because you are OLD. Anyone can fall especially when it is icy or the sidewalk is messed up. Who walks looking at their feet all the time?

  6. Oh, not a good time for that to happen……..if there ever is a good time. hope you feel better really soon, especially in time for the wedding!!! I am glad you chose not to sue. Several years ago I ended up with a herniated disc and back surgery from something my chiropractor did (in good faith). I did not sue but probably should have gotten something out of him.

  7. Now I feel very guilty moaning about my cold sores. I am really sorry to hear about your 'accident'. Hope you feel much better very soon. I remember coughing too much and straining my ribs and that was painful enough so you have my full sympathy.
    Sending you huge (but gentle) hugs from across the pond where like Sacramento's homeland they'd just shrug their shoulders and say – what do you expect? All the pavements and roads are like that!
    Fond wishes
    Carol XOXO

  8. I'm so sorry, Pam. What a bummer. Rib injuries are sooooo painful. I hope you have a quick recovery and I know that you will still be the best mother of the bride ever!


  9. oh no!! hope you are ok?! glad the restaurant is taking care of things…and also glad that you are not going to sue. we have become so letigious, it's insane. sending you lots of well wishes….

  10. Again you show your personality's sparkling beauty, your positivity! I'm so so sorry you are hurting and wish you a quick recovery. Sending you warm thoughts your way!;)

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