What do you see? An old woman

What do you see? Wrinkles!! And dark circles!

What do you see? My fat face

What do you see? A woman who’s tired and dried up

So tell me, when you look in the mirror, what do you see? These responses came from middle aged women after I held a mirror in front of their faces and asked the question….only one out of six had a positive answer. I think there are many reasons why we so easily think negatively about our personal appearance. I do believe that hormones and menopause play a huge role in our thinking, but we can help to turn it around by being aware. I also know there really is power in practicing positive thinking!

Now, I am not one of those who think that positive thinking can make you a millionaire or pave your way to heaven….but it can help ladies to be more joyful and confident. It is important to see the beauty you have….as a unique one of a kind creation…no one else is exactly like you. Thinking positively can be practiced…just start small and make a decision (a choice) to think that way. Look in the mirror and immediately think of your best feature…maybe it’s the color of your eyes, your smile, white teeth, porcelain skin, huge dimples, thick eyelashes, precious laugh lines, pink cheeks…no matter what…there is something there you can rejoice over. Every day, before you scowl, chose to smile instead at just one thing you see in the mirror. Also, the minute the negativity begins….mentally place a stop sign in its path and begin to look for the positive. It takes time…but with time, any practice can become a habit.

Now, I like my eye color…a hazel cat eye that is sometimes green and sometimes yellow. What about you….what do you like about you??

Jacket: Marshall’s
Cami: Chico’s
JNY Pants: Macy’s
Shoes: Target

Dana Buchman Bracelet: Kohl’s
Necklace: Avenue

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