My Lane Bryant Jeggings
would be one of my
signature pieces!

Could you describe your signature style with just five pieces of clothing? I found this a difficult task, but after reading the style column by Michelle Benza on the site 50+Fabulous,  I decided to give it a try. Her column, Create Your Signature Style With Just 5 Items, discussed how to create a personal look for the current Spring/Summer 2011.

As would my JNY black
pencil skirt from Dillard’s

Her five pieces were:

1. A Pretty Dress
2. A Colorful Jacket

3. Espadrille Wedges

4. A Leather Handbag

5. Sunglasses

I took a walk back through my blog pictures since April and found this really a tough task….describe who I am in just five pieces. So, I looked at it this way; I currently have few bottoms that I can wear since I have been losing weight. Therefore, the majority of my outfits center around the bottoms that presently fit. My skinny jeggings; a black pencil skirt; and black capris are my go to bottoms when I want to look my best.

My black capris from Talbots
have been a keeper for 2011!

I am known for my flats and my scarves. That makes up five. But, it leaves out all of my new dresses, my fun jewelry, tops, and form fitting jackets. Yet, after pondering all that I love, if I was to describe my signature favorite style (what I want people to think of when they think of me), it would be my jeans, a basic white T shirt, a fitted jacket, flats, a fabulous bag and great jewelry. So, maybe I am not that complicated after all!!

Yes, I am the scarf lady, but it is one accessory which
makes me…..ME!

Favorite new flats are Antonio Melani from Dillards

What five pieces would make up your signature style this spring??

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