A friend of mine asked me why I do these blogger challenges….honestly, because they are fun! I am not attempting to compete with the younger girls…or hungry for attention…I just simply find them to be fun!

I’ve worn menswear before…in my much younger days. Once I worked in management as the Communications Manager for an automobile distributorship. As the only female on the management team, I enjoyed an occasional whimsical moment and would wear a tie or even a tuxedo to special events and car shows. I really like the look.

Busyness has robbed my creativity lately…I would have loved more time to put some thought and a special touch or two into this look. But it is what it is……a classic menswear feel!!

Now for the real creativity, check out the other Bloggers who do it better at Bloggers Do It Better

Now, confess, do any of you really wear a men’s tie every now and then??

The second challenge today is Modly Chic Friend Friday and today Katy discusses blogging pet peeves.  I am certain we all have them, but here are mine:

1. Stealing Ideas.  It is disheartening to work hard on a blog only to have your ideas obviously stolen and “slightly tweaked” by someone else!! 
2. Light Colored Fonts with long body copy.  Something I teach my students NOT to do with their publication, but I find in a few blogs. This is not difficult to fix and might increase hits!
3. Mostly merchandising items with no personal touch.  I can read an ad circular any where, so I probably will not read it here.
4.  Using a fashion blog to further a political agenda.  Here for fashion, not politics.  This is a pet peeve of mine with fashion magazines also.
5. Cold, unfriendly, prideful attitudes.  I love a blog that is warm, welcoming and friendly and will usually avoid any that are not.

You can read other answers by clicking the Modly Chic link above…your pet peeve may be a blogger who combines blogging events into one post!! 

So, here’s one more,  just hop on over  Over 40 Blog Hop!!!
I think I am finally done!!!!

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