Corkscrew, Cedar Point

“Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.” Dr. Suess

I have a confession to make. I do not like carnival/theme park rides. I am not a fan of swinging. In fact, I am just not big on any kind of motion …especially if it is fast. I don’t understand Donica Patrick. My least favorite ride of all time is the roller coaster. Even now, just trying to remember the feelings, I can get anxious about the fast curves and the high plunges…feelings that I realize many of you relish and run toward when entering a theme park gate.

Hooray, Last one for high school!

So, when I say my life is presently like a roller coaster…that for me is not a good thing. I will be riding it all summer long as we go from high school graduation of the youngest…to wedding and good bye of the oldest…and moving- to- a- big- city- for- work of the middle one….and that final plunge into the empty nest. Yesterday, I turned the first fast curve into the graduation of the youngest, a glorious moment and accomplishment for him. Now, the ride picks up bullet speed toward the wedding.

Graduation Pink Rose dress came from Ross,
$14!!  Belt from Stein Mart,
Necklace Stein Mart,
Cuff from Avenue

Plateaus mean that one day emotions are quiet (remember the roller coaster when it slows right before you know a huge dive is coming) with the plunge on the horizon. When we take students somewhere on a bus, it is easy to be the faculty member in charge and control them…being in charge of the team on a roller coaster is quite different, because you never feel in control yourself.

Favorite Student shoes were from Charlotte Russ,
the Jersey Ruffle Peep-Toe Bootie

Sometime toward the end of the summer, I will get off the ride. Mr. B and I will ponder huge decisions about selling our home. Whenever, the actual roller coaster has stopped for me, there have been moments of nausea and sea legs. Hopefully, I will get off of this one with a solid stance, joy, and peace.

I bought this dress right after
I started the diet, so it is
too big now…the bodice was
larger than I thought it would be,
but the belt helped and
made it wearable! It is
a very soft jersey knit and was perfect
for comfort on a long day!

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