Not A Box of Chocolates…But A Roller Coaster

Corkscrew, Cedar Point

“Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.” Dr. Suess

I have a confession to make. I do not like carnival/theme park rides. I am not a fan of swinging. In fact, I am just not big on any kind of motion …especially if it is fast. I don’t understand Donica Patrick. My least favorite ride of all time is the roller coaster. Even now, just trying to remember the feelings, I can get anxious about the fast curves and the high plunges…feelings that I realize many of you relish and run toward when entering a theme park gate.

Hooray, Last one for high school!

So, when I say my life is presently like a roller coaster…that for me is not a good thing. I will be riding it all summer long as we go from high school graduation of the youngest…to wedding and good bye of the oldest…and moving- to- a- big- city- for- work of the middle one….and that final plunge into the empty nest. Yesterday, I turned the first fast curve into the graduation of the youngest, a glorious moment and accomplishment for him. Now, the ride picks up bullet speed toward the wedding.

Graduation Pink Rose dress came from Ross,
$14!!  Belt from Stein Mart,
Necklace Stein Mart,
Cuff from Avenue

Plateaus mean that one day emotions are quiet (remember the roller coaster when it slows right before you know a huge dive is coming) with the plunge on the horizon. When we take students somewhere on a bus, it is easy to be the faculty member in charge and control them…being in charge of the team on a roller coaster is quite different, because you never feel in control yourself.

Favorite Student shoes were from Charlotte Russ,
the Jersey Ruffle Peep-Toe Bootie

Sometime toward the end of the summer, I will get off the ride. Mr. B and I will ponder huge decisions about selling our home. Whenever, the actual roller coaster has stopped for me, there have been moments of nausea and sea legs. Hopefully, I will get off of this one with a solid stance, joy, and peace.

I bought this dress right after
I started the diet, so it is
too big now…the bodice was
larger than I thought it would be,
but the belt helped and
made it wearable! It is
a very soft jersey knit and was perfect
for comfort on a long day!


  1. I still like the dress, even better with the belt I bet! I don't like roller coasters either, whether carnival type or life type.

  2. Well said, Pam, about the dizziness of life changes. Sounds like you are headed for a bunch all at once! Congrats to you and your kids for all the happy transitions.
    You look great in black, with the touch of bright green!

  3. I love the cut of the neckline on that dress. You are making me excited about a trip to Ross.

    We are sending you moral support through the internet during such a hectic time for you. Your daily posts are always so full of joy and dignity, one would never know how dizzy your life is right now. Thank you for sharing all the changes in your life. Looking forward to updates on how you are faring.

  4. Pam–the dress is still very flattering to you. I don't do well on amusement rides or in IMAX theatres for that matter. I can only imagine the upheavals and the mix of emotions you are feeling…remember to take one day at a time.

  5. Awww Pam, what a special time! It's bittersweet to be sure. Keep us posted on what fun things you plan to do with and in your empty nest! Exciting! BTW, I hate roller coasters too! Hugs!!! ~Serene

  6. First of all, you look fabulous in that black dress! Secondly, those yellow shoes are AWESOME! And thirdly, I love this post. It makes me want to cry and slow my own life down even more. So many milestones for you coming up- Praying for you always!

  7. Love your blog! Yes, life certainly does have its roller coaster moments! But somehow we get through! I'm your newest follower.

  8. Wow all three leaving in the same year. my moms empty nest happened gradually but she still felt a bit of a rollercoaster with the age gap of her children. For her the day I graduated kindergarten was a roller coaster seeing as my sister was graduating highschool at the same time. She'd have to go thru it all over again! 😉

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