Saving the Best for Last

Chico’s cardigan
Liz Claiborne blouse
Jones of NY Pants
Shoes: Marshalls

All week I’ve reported stories from last weekend’s fashion event in San Antonio, but I saved one of the best parts for last.  When going from booth to booth, I came upon a new skincare line by Jeremiah Bowen.   Proud of his product, he introduced me to his line… lip enhancer, moisturizer, fine line serum , and finally his velvet primer. 

The Velvet Primer is $20 a bottle;
website is under construction, but you can
call 1-800-515-3181

I think he could tell that I was mentally moving on, so he handed me a bottle of his primer and said, “Just try it…you’ll like it…I promise.”   First I have to say, that the name Velvet Primer is perfect, because it is the silkiest primer I have felt.  The smooth touch  probably comes from the silica silk, jojoba oil, avocado oil, retinyl palmitate, vitamin E, and mango butter.

The necklace is from Nadia’s Creations;
the hot new jewelry designer from

  But, the best part is that the very next day, someone at a banquet complimented my makeup!!  I never get compliments on my make up and the only difference was the primer.
Three days later a co-worker told me that my face looked so smooth and asked what I was doing different!
SOLD!!  I am now a new Jeremiah Bowen customer! 

Just in case you are wondering, I received no payment to write this and they have purchased no advertising with me.  I really do like the product, and highly recommend it….do you use a primer? 

Jeremiah Bowen American Skincare


  1. You've intrigued me. I've never considered primer before, but now will consider it. I like a smooth face.

    PS: you are on my blogroll. You are on the +40 bloggers blogroll for sure. xo.

  2. This is so unfair! Your skin already looks so amazing that I get envious when I see your photos. Now you're adding a NEW secret weapon?? Pam, you're killing us here. 🙂

    I've considered using primer, but don't yet. I just use my regular moisturizer before applying makeup. I've permitted beauty writer Paula Begoun to convince me that I don't need it, since that's what I want to believe. But now….. (reaching for checkbook, sighing heavily).

  3. I found your blog on After 40 Bloggers! Wow! What a great blog.

    It is so hard to find suitable clothes, partly because I must buy petite clothing, which many stores refuse to carry. And when they do, either they are junior-type clothes which are unsuitable, or they are frumpy Alfred Dunner style clothes for elderly women. I'm really sick of it.

    I don't want to look like a teenager or an old lady. I want to be fashionable but not look desperate.

  4. Now I want to try that primer too. I don't use one at the moment. I will look for Jeremiah online. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  5. oops huge type-o on the comment before, giggle…
    You look beautiful, love the outfit! With or without makeup your beauty shines from within. Hugs!

  6. Everyone raves about primers–now a must have. Myself, I do not like makeup; not because I think my skin is that perfect, but I hate the feel. But you look great!

  7. i had a few samples which i tried, but couldn't tell a difference…and no one said anything either, lol! but if you find something that works…definitely use it!

    the flower pin + scarf sounds line a fun idea to try.

    hope you had a wonderful mother's day, pam!

  8. I'm very interested in this primer. I sometimes had problems with my makeup changing color over the course of the day. It was explained to me by several makeup artists that certain skin has a pH balance that "oxidizes" the makeup. That's what changes the color. Primer keeps the color clear throughout the day. Thanks for the recommendation on this one. By the way, you looking smashing in this outfit. Love it!

  9. I was all about glominerals primer and makeup. I ran across Debra Bowen at Fredericksburg Trade Days last weekend and made the switch. I have very oily skin and this has helped a lot. She says her website should be up in about a month. I highly recommend the line.

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