Chico’s cardigan
Liz Claiborne blouse
Jones of NY Pants
Shoes: Marshalls

All week I’ve reported stories from last weekend’s fashion event in San Antonio, but I saved one of the best parts for last.  When going from booth to booth, I came upon a new skincare line by Jeremiah Bowen.   Proud of his product, he introduced me to his line… lip enhancer, moisturizer, fine line serum , and finally his velvet primer. 

The Velvet Primer is $20 a bottle;
website is under construction, but you can
call 1-800-515-3181

I think he could tell that I was mentally moving on, so he handed me a bottle of his primer and said, “Just try it…you’ll like it…I promise.”   First I have to say, that the name Velvet Primer is perfect, because it is the silkiest primer I have felt.  The smooth touch  probably comes from the silica silk, jojoba oil, avocado oil, retinyl palmitate, vitamin E, and mango butter.

The necklace is from Nadia’s Creations;
the hot new jewelry designer from

  But, the best part is that the very next day, someone at a banquet complimented my makeup!!  I never get compliments on my make up and the only difference was the primer.
Three days later a co-worker told me that my face looked so smooth and asked what I was doing different!
SOLD!!  I am now a new Jeremiah Bowen customer! 

Just in case you are wondering, I received no payment to write this and they have purchased no advertising with me.  I really do like the product, and highly recommend it….do you use a primer? 

Jeremiah Bowen American Skincare

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