FBFF: All Things SHOES!

Gigi’s Shoes from Kohl’s.  So great, just had to show
them once again!!

Before I answer the questions from today’s Modly Chic FBFF…allow me to tell you a little story:  Once upon a time there was a twenty-something fashionista whose best friend was Bruno Magli!  She believed the more dramatic the stilletto…the better!!  But, one day, she told Bruno good bye and her best friend for years became Huggies Diapers!!  During those child bearing years, the fashionista made bad decisions and put on many pounds.  The stillettos and the wieght worked against her feet…leaving behind something worse than a poisoned apple…..bunions!!  It would not be until after she turned the evil 50, that she decided to kick the bunions out the door and scheduled surgery!  Now, bunions gone, diapers gone,  pounds on the way out….she has returned to her love of shoes.   But, alas, all bad decisions have consequences, so she no longer is a stilletto queen, but a “love-of-flats-and-kitten-heels” feeling 40 kind of girl!!   There is a happy ending…..shoe designers are creating some really cute flats, so the over 50 fashionista can smile again!!

My Antonio Melani  “go to” flats of the moment!!

Now, let’s answer those questions!!

1.  What is  your go to pair of shoes?  I think this question defintely changes with seasons.  Once April hits Texas, my go to shoes are always sandals!  I currently love my Minnetonka and BOC (Born Concept) sandals for style and comfort.  But, recently I purchased a really cute pair of patton black flats by Antonio Melani…they go with anything and I find myself reaching for them a lot…whether with denim or dresses.

Currently, in Texas, it’s all about SANDALS!

2. What goes into your shoe buying decisions?  As my story revealed,  I now look for comfort and style.  I am like most girls…I love a fun shoe….it just can no longer be a high heel!!  Plus it must be affordable!!

3.  What color are the majority of shoes in your closet?  Black and metallics….I have many versions of a black shoe from flats, to boots, to pointy toe, to round toe…..I need to stop that and go for something else!
I also love gold, bronze, silver shoes!! and seem to have several versions of them!

4.  When it comes to designer shoes, what are your favorites and why?  Antonio Melani and Michael Kors for style and comfort!!  I trust them with my feet!!

Ross is a great place for designer sandals!!

5.  If price wasn’t an issue, which shoe would you own?  I purchase the majority of my shoes at Marshalls, Ross, Target and consignment shops…so spending $100 for shoes is a huge decision on a teacher salary…therefore, this nude, kitten heel by Michael Kors would be where I would go first!!

Michael Kors Nude Kitten Heel!!
Michael Kors Flex Low Pump

Have a great weekend….put your feet up and take care of them!!!  Now read about other fashionistas and their shoes on

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  1. It must be National Shoe Month….yesterday (for hours) I had on HSN, they had a 24 shoe show. I loved all the shoes (altho I think many of the styles shown that come high on the foot are NOT lengthening to the leg). I am tall and only wear kitten heels, but love sandals and flats. I didn't buy any shoes but loved looking at them.

  2. LOVE the story! i wore my high heels during pregnancy, but definitely had to make some changes during the chase-after-toddler years!


  3. Hi there! New follower here from Follow Friday 40 and over! Great post on shoes! I love Antonio Melani too! I have some in my ebay shop as a matter of fact!
    I will be back here for sure! Love your blog and inspiration!

  4. Ooh, I love those sandals from Ross. I need to check that store out. Isn't it fun that shoes can make us go so googly? Thanks for the info about your BOC sandals. I saw a really cute wedge presented on QVC but have never tried the brand. Thanks for the tip. I will definitely be putting my feet up this weekend. Have a great one!

  5. I love shoes more than just about anything in the world and at 66 I do still wear high heels. I just can't wear them all day long if I'm going to be on my feet. I can wear a higher heel if they don't have a very thin stiletto heel but something with a little more substance to it. I love Franco Sarto shoes. I have around 125 pairs of shoes and I love every single one of them.

  6. Great blog! I love the black flats. I have a pair of Geox's that are much like yours and I have nearly worn them out! Cheers!

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