Soap Star Discovers Rising Star in Jewelry Design

Just a touch of what I experienced at this event!!

 Yesterday was so much fun!  I covered the Fashion & Passion Women’s Weekend in San Antonio and I have tons of posts just from this one day….there is so much to share with all of you!!  But, I am going to begin with my favorite story from the entire day!

Full Disclosure: I have never watched The Young and The Restless. But yesterday, for the first time I turned on the SOAP Network to check it out after I returned home.

Actress Jeanne Cooper took extra time for
every fan.

Why? Because, I just might be Jeanne Cooper’s biggest new fan. Most of the ladies there knew Jeanne as her television character, Katherine Chancellor…after all, she has played this role for 38 years. Some of the women waiting to speak with her had literally grown up with her. I was surrounded by plot lines! Why did Cain die?… Well, you know they have never found the body?…Why did they make Jana crazy? Oh, he obviously loves Sharon! While they shared their passion for the soap, I watched Jeanne. She is unlike any celebrity I have seen in a long time….a gorgeous, full-of-life eighty-three-year-old who was spending time with her best friends. She gave every woman, every child her complete love and attention and was in no hurry to move anyone through the line quickly.  When an 85 year old fan confessed to seeing every single show, Jeanne took her own watch from her arm and gave it to this stunned woman!

Woman who received Jeanne’s watch!

In front of me was a beautiful young woman as striking as the necklace she modeled. Nadia Baughman is from McAllen, TX and wanted to get a picture with a woman she had known since she was a child. Jeanne loved on her as she had others before us, but was taken with Nadia’s necklace. That is when Jeanne discovered that Nadia was a jewelry designer of an infant line she sells in San Juan and Colorado, and had a booth at the show. She fixated on the piece and said, “Your necklace is fantastic!” Then, Jeanne called her personal assistant over to go to the booth and find her a similar look.

Nadia and her “fantastic” creation!

I followed all of them to Nadia’s booth and was struck with the beauty and unique feel of this line of jewelry and the talent of a young South Texas woman. After discussing what Jeanne would like and learning she wanted to wear it in the actual television production, Nadia pulled out her supplies and went right to work creating a look just for Katherine Chancellor, one of her childhood idols. Nadia’s dream is to sell her line in a major department store and I am certain that a Hollywood endorsement will only help.

Look for her beautiful designs at

For readers of this blog, I asked Jeanne how she stayed looking so young.  She replied, “I live in the moment. I rise and ask God every day what He desires and I follow Him.”  She wanted middle aged women to know, “You are in the best time of your life to find out who you really are.  Above all, learn to love yourself.”

But, for me the true blessing was when a famous television actress took time to touch and encourage a bright young designer. Jeanne Cooper is one class act and I will probably start watching The Young and The Restless!

Remember, you will see Nadia’s creations on network television soon!


  1. I will have to show this to my Mom. She has watched Y&R since it's debut. I get a kick out of her because she talks about the cast as if they were family.. and I suppose in a way they are. I know Katherine Chancellor well… she was always playing in the background of my childhood! Sometimes I stop by my Mom's and bring her a coffee and just sit and watch it with her. She gets so fired up when she talks about scenes… it's a riot! xo

  2. Oh I wanted to go to this event but due to other events wasnt able to fit it in. Thanks for sharing your experience with us. Hopefully I can go next year.

  3. Wow Pam that is super amazing! And I love the jewelry designer's creations!

    Thanks for the birthday wishes, sweetie!

  4. Pam! I am a HUGE Y & R fan! I love Jeanne Cooper so much and had no idea she is 83 years old. She is AMAZING! That is wonderful that you got to meet her…..and I'm not a bit surprised that she is as sweet in person as she is on the show. Hugs to you girly! ~Serene

  5. What a great post. Thanks for sharing this with us. I loved the story of the soap star giving her watch to such a devoted fan. And I loved the pictures of the jewelry!

  6. Pam, what a fun post, great photos too.Thank you so much for sharing your happy memory making. The only daytime drama I have ever watched was General Hospital ( I remember scheduling classes around it so I could watch it, giggle, Luke and Laura..) But I can certainly understand why you would become a fan after this lovely day spent with generous and creative women. Big Hugs
    P.S. speaking of generous, I am incredibly grateful to have my blog honored with a place on your blogs sidebar. Smooches!

  7. There are so many reasons to love this post. Thank you for sharing a remarkable day with us. I have seen Jeanne Cooper interviewed on television. I remember being taken by her energy and vitality. To learn that she is also so gracious and generous is icing on the cake. She is truly inspiring. A reminder that we never need to slow down. 83! Fantastic. I am so glad you had such a fabulous day. Isn't blogging the best!

    PS. Thanks for adding me to your blog list. It is truly an honor.

  8. What gorgeous photos and this soap legend seems to be a generous soul. Did you come home with any of Nadia's pieces?

  9. Very cool! It is always wonderful to meet new people and discover new things! 🙂 Makes me want to be more adventurous!! xx Jess/ eat,sleep,denim

  10. OMG Jeanne Cooper
    I started watching TYR with my grandmother way back in the 70's. Probably too young, but hey my Mamaw said it was alright. In my high school drama class my teacher was obsessed. Back then the show was only 1/2 hr. long. We would watch for 30 min and critique for 30 min.
    I think I finally stopped watching it once I got a real job.

    How fun your day must have been. Great jewelry.

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