Bloggers Do It Better: Whites and Neutrals

The Fashion & Passion Weekend was really an incredible event. After all, what woman would not love fashion shows; workers walking about handing out Lindor chocolates; luscious cupcakes; jewelry; shoes; free power bars; wine tasting; vintage designer wear; make overs; and beauty demonstrations!

My answer to the trend:
Jacket & Capris: Stein Mart
Michael Kors Platforms
Striped blouse: Lane Bryant

Icing on the cake….the fashion show provided inspiration for today’s BLOGGERS DO IT BETTER challenge…the whites, neutrals, and off white trend for spring. San Antonio Express News fashion editor, Michael Quintanilla, and the gorgeous KSAT News anchor, Ursula Pari were the official “Fashion Police” bringing the season’s trends from Dillard’s and how to make them work.

 “Designers are moving toward a cleaner slate – a minimalist styling,” Quintanilla began. We have a big return to simpler clothing with a few less embellishments. Kate Middleton is in. Grace Kelley is back. Lady Gaga is out…well, at least on the fashion scene.”

All fashions were from Dillards

He likes the clean look of the white and neutral high trend, and believes it to say soft casual….beach comfort…and St. Tropez ready. He recommends wearing these styles with gold for the shine and  to add some macramé accessories.

St Tropez Ready!!

Bracelet from Tourneau, La Cantera Mall
Belt:  Garment Exchange

It is not difficult to adapt a trend such as this one!

More White on White?  Wedding
Cupcakes with Buttercream Icing!
Cupcake Couture


  1. Wow! You really nailed your inspiration look. You look stunning, like you're ready for a fashion safari.

  2. I love your belt. It looks quite similar to one I just purchased at Chico's. I love seeing how you styled it.

  3. i've always loved the look of an all white pant suit….but never had the ballz to wear it. the addition of another neutral like khaki just might do the trick. i absolutely love you in this neutral palette. very on trend and stylish.

  4. I adore the look of white and tan/khaki. I think its clean and it gives you such an amazing palette to pull accessories from. That being said, I only own one white skirt and no white pants. I am working on it though. A size 22 girl did not often find the occasion to wear white on her lower half!!!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I hope you visit often!!!

  5. Pam, I love you outfit. You nailed it!

    I have started a facebook group for us, here's the link: Once you get there, click join and then I will confirm your request! Right now there is just you and me (my mom and dad show to but that's just cuz I had to have two people to make a group.) I'll be adding a page and a website…but this is a start!

    Would love it, if you would stop by and see how a 45+ year old handles “White Out”—you might get a good chuckle anyway! See you there!
    The Chief Blonde

  6. You look fantastic! What a great rendition of white and khaki…looking so fresh and chic! And really so classic. There's nothing that you are wearing that won't also look good in summers to come. And the perfect background for jewelry. Love the belt. Your daily photos are so inspiring


  7. you did a great job with your look here
    i do love this look, but for a pale broad like me, it just ain't happening.
    you on the other hand wear it very well.

  8. You look great as always my dear. I'm so sorry I missed out on the cupcakes, fun, and seeing you again. Hopefully another event will pop up.

  9. What a great take on the White Out look. I especially like how you used accessories. Your belt and bracelet look wonderful. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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