SA Express News Fashion Editor, Michael Quintanella,
discusses the advantages of Spanx at a fashion show
with KSAT TV anchor, Ursula Pari.

Shhhh….we are going to talk about…underthings!! You know…those things that no proper Southern lady would ever discuss on a blog. Oh, but why not, they are discussed everywhere these days…and I am not talking about inappropriate tweets!

I was intrigued when I heard that Oprah Winfrey has an entire closet just for her Spanx. Can there really be that many different types of Spanx? Can one really need that many different types of Spanx?

Quintanella also learns of the different varities from
a manager at Dillards

Do not get me wrong….I am a Spanx girl. But, I only have two. A new one was purchased after my recent weight loss. I just do not see a need for more than one. While I completely encourage Spanx, it is also hard to talk myself into wearing the garment during the summer. Spanx in over 100 degree heat is just no fun. But sometimes I do feel like I am sweating off extra pounds. I see on their website that they have made a lighter, summer version. OK, maybe I do need just one more.


Here’s what I want to know. Are there any other brands that you ladies recommend? Is there a lighter, more- comfortable- in- the -summer version? Has anyone tried the summer Spanx? Do any of you want to admit that you also have a closet just for Spanx!!?

I promise not to tweet anything you reveal!


  1. I have a plastic storage box for Spandx. I mostly go for bike-short styles and in the winter I don't wear them because pantyhose or tights do the job. In the summer I'll often stuff them in my tote and wait until I'm at work and have cooled off before wiggling into them.

    Gertie was talking about nude cotton bike shorts from American Apparel but I think that sounds too bulky.

    I mostly stick to whatever Marshall's is offering. I like the Olga brand, they've got some in a meshy material.

  2. I don't have Spanx but one shaper that I wear if I wear a dress……….but since I live in jeans/capris I don't feel the need. Mabye those who look at me see the need?????

  3. Living with an ostomy, I don't wear Spanx…too confining for me. I would need a full bra/panty one and that is not going to happen. I realize that they make people look slimmer and hide the bumps, but I would rather wear something that is a little larger than a form fitting dress.

  4. I don't have any Spanx but read an interesting article about the creator of it in The New Yorker a couple of months ago. It made me want to try it, although not today because it's going to be 95 degrees.

  5. I have one and I like the way it smooths out bumps that seem to have taken up residence the last few years. But it's very tight and warm and really, is it any better than the girdle I used to make fun of my mother wearing?

  6. i have one…a skirt. i wouldn't mind getting one of the shorts kind…would make for easier walking and moving around. can't see needing any more than that. skirt and a shorts, black and a nude…FOUR, tops! i know there are other brands, but i'd think they'd all have to be somewhat tight to do its job?? let me know if you come across any others!


  7. I refuse to wear them. They remind me too much of girdles we wore in the 60's just to hold up our hose. Those things were horrible to get into and out of and horribly hot in the summer. Folks will just have to put up with my lumps and bumps.

  8. I, like you have two. Hmmm… even if you are a katrillionaire…. a closet full?
    I have picked them up here and there- I don't have actual spanx. Maybe they are better and if I did give one a whirl… I may want an entire closet full! hee!
    Have a pretty day!

  9. For minimal bump smoothing and maximum moisture absorption & chafe protection, I wear the walmart brand of under armour. It's in the men's section, they have shorts and legging lengths. They are cheap and comfortable.

  10. I didn't know Spanx made a summer weight version, I'm going to check them out. I only have a couple of shaper undergarments, and I always buy them 2 sizes too big so they are comfortably smoothing but not confining. They do get hot in the warm weather but they're indispensable under white linen pants!

  11. I have 2 pair of spanx, but I cannot get in them–so they are obviously too small and I great source of humor for my children. I do feel like my Grandmother who used to ask me to help her get into her girdle!

    Target has a less expensive brand–don't remember the name right now.

    It is really hard to wear any of these things where I live (heat), but in fashion emergencies they must go on…

  12. The Target brand is Assets, and is made by the same company as Spanx.

    Like Lesa, I bought Spanx in my normal size, and can't get into them. Wish I had known about buying one or two sizes larger before I bought them!

    Will have to check out the summer version.


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