My house is full of flowers right now and that
has made it a little more relaxing!  But,
the chaos of three family workers

This week has been tough!  I confess it….I had to follow a grueling wedding weekend with work, family, and post-wedding duties.  I wish I could have just chilled for a few days, but it was necessary that I jump right back in to life!!

I have tried to eat very healthy….take my vitamins…go to bed early…but I am just now beginning to feel a little like my old self!  So, it occurred to me to ask you, sweet readers, how you do it??  How do you get a refreshing shot of energy when you cannot stop life and relax??

Are there any secrets out there that anyone would like to share??

I bet they are relaxed!!  One more look
at the bride and groom…singing
to each other!!

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