Don’t get me wrong…I still love
my jeggings and the Chico’s
travelers V neck!

Women usually love what they buy, yet hate two-thirds of what is in their closets. ~Mignon McLaughlin, The Neurotic’s Notebook, 1960

In the last year, there have been many moments of re-evaluation. As I have lost weight, begun to find some new role models, and also begun to ask (finally) the right questions, I have started to look at my closet with a much more critical eye. As you know, refining and reinventing me since I turned 50 seven years ago has been quite a process. But, I believe it is growing into something wonderful and I am anxious to get my thoughts down in the blog and hopefully have some thought-provoking discussions.

I also still love the sandals from Ross!

 In the next month, I will celebrate the one year blogoversery of over50feeling40 and I’ll also turn 58! Between now and then, I plan to launch some different ideas and hope that you will enjoy coming along with me.

As with most things, in order to advance forward, I need to understand where I have been. Today’s look portrays one of the pitfalls many of us jump into….attempting to follow a trend whether it is right for us or not. I purchased this long jacket last year when bright pink was coming back with a vengeance. I remember thinking, “I must have something hot pink! I like the flowy long jacket! I will get this.” That was the extent of my purchasing thought process. Now, it is comfortable and isn’t all that bad…but I wished I had saved the money!  It is oversized and a little too much color coming down the street!  With that said, there is nothing wrong with the shirt, or me…but I have learned it is not the right shirt for the style I desire for me!

The only good news here is that the bright colors remind me of our rehearsal dinner in The Market Square of San Antonio at La Margarita….(when I get through discussing bad decisions I have made in some of these posts….I made need a margarita!)Enjoy some of the pictures and would anyone like to confess if they have purchased a trend they regretted and why?????

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