I Feel Your Pain!

Back in the saddle again!
Cami: Chico’s
Marsh Landing Jacket:
Goodwill, $2!
Capris: Stein Mart

Really, I do feel your pain! I have friends who live with pain every day…either from arthritis, carpal tunnel, sore backs, migraines, or other symptoms. They struggle with how to live life around pain. There are some reading this post who know exactly what I am talking about.

The broken rib is the most consistent pain I have experienced since my three C sections. There is little movement I can make without a jab in the side and a quick reminder something is not right. For the first five days of this injury, I sat in a chair and pretty much had a grand pity-party. I wore one old ratty oversized shirt, pulled my hair back, and wore no makeup. All of the post pictures you have seen during this time were extras taken near the end of school…maybe deep down inside I knew I would need them for something.

I honestly can see where pain is a good reason to sit…check out…do nothing. But, it scared me to see my days off going that direction. So, I forced myself out of the chair…picked up the makeup brush…stood in front of the camera…and, I did feel better. I have to take it slower than before. But I felt so much better than sitting. Today, I am going to attempt to walk the neighborhood. (Head down though…I am in fear of falling and ending up with a hole in a lung.)

Necklace and Earrings: Boutique
Bracelet and Keds Shoes: Stein Mart
Silver Belt: Goodwill, $1

Many of my friends have said, “Take it easy. Enjoy the time doing nothing.” But, maybe the best advice for those in pain is the get up…do what you can…experience life as much as possible. Don’t use pain as an excuse to check out! Pity Parties can become contagious and harmful. I am finding joy in the small tasks…if I do not do this I will quickly become over50feeling90!!


  1. Sorry you're uncomfortable!

    Can you get off narcotic pain killers, and onto something like Advil? I had something painful a few years ago and wasn't ever very happy with narcotics. They wore off fairly quickly and had unhappy digestive effects.

    Add that to the shock of viewing oneself in the mirror without lipstick and it's no wonder you're feeling low!

    Hopefully a walk in that natty outfit will cheer you up!

  2. Honestly, you always have such a great smile, I never would have known you dealt with pain daily. You look fabulous as always and I love these little tennies! Big Hug! ~Serene

  3. Push through it baby!!
    Being the mom of sons, that is all I have ever heard from those coaches no matter what sport by boys were playing. I have to agree, a pity party is kind of fun the first 24 hrs, but then it is time to get up and jump back into life… well maybe not jump, but at least sway your back.
    HOpe the walk does wonders for you.

  4. Over the winter, I did something to my ribs while I was coughing. It hurt to breathe. I have NO idea how people live in pain day in and day out. Careful on your walk!

  5. I like how you've used this experience as an opportunity to empathize with people with chronic pain. I know people who struggle with it, too, and I often wonder how they cope. Proceeding with life — slowly and mindfully, accepting your limitations but not being defeated by them — seems like a great way to go! I am so sorry that you're still so uncomfortable, though. 🙁

  6. I absolutely agree with you…You cannot allow pain to stop you from living; although you can also sit down from time to time, hehhehe.
    besos, Pam.

  7. Sorry to hear about your rib and pain. I will be praying for you to heal soon. I deal with pain everyday too. But we should not let it get us down. You're on the right track…just be careful.

  8. I'm very sorry about your fall and the broken rib. I tripped in my garage a couple of years ago and fell onto some exercise equipment and cracked my ribs. I have never been in so much pain in my whole life! It hurt to breathe, move, and oh my if I coughed, laughed or sneezed. Well, you know exactly what I mean I'm sure. It took about 3 weeks for me to get past the horrible pain and just feel kind of sore.

    Be careful on your walk – but I do admire your upbeat attitude and you always look positively radiant and gorgeous!

  9. I am so sorry this happened to you! My husband broke a rib slipping in a bathtub a long time ago and he explained to me how painful it is. I am having sympathy pains for you right now. Please take it easy, I am thinking of you! I hope you heal quickly.

  10. oh Pam.. yes, take it easy!! I can imagine you feel pretty sore with every move!! time off and lots of rest my girl!! thanks for your always nice comments on my blog.. you make me feel so beautiful!! xoxo J

  11. no pity parties, but do take time to heal! keds…haven't heard of these in a while. i used to love these! of course, back then we didn't have all the cool colors and designs…just white!


  12. Ah, I had not known about the pain you were dealing with. Frankly, I've been having a bit of a pity party myself (without any physical pain to attribute it to). I think as teachers we are so used to being frantically busy that it IS indeed good to slow down a bit.

  13. You look super cute in this outfit! Re the injury, I am recovering from a partial shoulder replacement – just went back to work. There is a balance involved in doing what you need to do to heal and doing everything you can for yourself without hurting yourself and delaying recovery. I am extremely independent so just sitting on the couch and letting people wait on me is never an option. But I do have to guard against overdoing and causing injury to my healing body. A broken rib takes quite a while to heal so keep moving as much as you can but don't overdo it. I am also losing weight and have gone from a size 20 to a 16. I didn't lose any weight during the six weeks I was home recovering from the surgery. My friends brought me yummy food and when I was better took me out to eat. But I also didn't gain any so I figure that I am still ahead of the game. Now I'm getting serious again with following the plan and should see my weight loss start again.

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