Thinking Cooler In the Heat Can Save Big Bucks!

Since yesterday’s post, I have walked the neighborhood twice…maybe I am a little slower than usual, but it still counts!! I also was near Goodwill yesterday, so I decided to go inside. This turned out to be a good decision because it was savings day for anything with long sleeves and on all shoes!

In Texas, it is already pretty hot…but if you can turn your mind toward cooler times ahead, then you just might find some treasurers.

For example, I came home with a Hugo Boss long sleeved- T shirt embellished with a cool dragon. These shirts usually retail anywhere from $185 to $250, so you have to know I am pleased to bring it home for $1.99!! I can see this shirt under a leather jacket, with denim at a football game this year. While the shoes I bought are a Target brand, I have several pair of shoes from Target and find them to be very comfortable and stylish. I needed a black pair with a smaller pointed toe, and these looked brand new…$2.00!!

I was unable to find what I originally was looking for….rope ties for curtains. Rope belts are currently in vogue and curtain ties at thrift stores can be high quality, beautiful, and just plain cheap!

Jacket I picked up for my daughter, $2.00

But, I also struggle with these off-season decisions, because I do have such a small budget. Does it really make sense to spend that money now when I am not going to wear it for a long time down the road? I am one of those who tends to believe that it makes sense…but I could be wrong ….what do you think?


  1. Pam!! yeah for your for being able to walk around abit.. awesome!! and what a deal you got– I follow my intuition on these things too.. some days I just know I should do a quick round of the thrift store and usually I do find just what I was wishing I had!!!

    I dont know if I told you but my coach and two team mates recently did Ironman Texas and they loved it!! They all do well in the heat so really loved the course and they all had GREAT race results!! Maybe I will come and do that race sometime.. and we can go thrifting together !! that woud be totally fun!!
    xoxo J take care of yourself gorgeous

  2. I love GOODWILL.If I had one handy I would neve leave, hehehhehe.
    Any idea of what is this +1 sign next to the comments???

  3. i can't wait to see that dragon embellished shirt on…and the gray jacket for your daughter is really cute. it reminds me of an updated version of the members only.

    since you guys do experience hot/cold weather, it makes sense to stock up when it's cheap because you know you'll be using it. it's always warm here, so i'm hesitant to purchase "winter" items even when on sale because i probably won't get to use them. this past year was so weird…we hardly got a "winter"…the cooler months were still really warm, and now in summer it's hot, but rainy!

  4. I normally don't buy off season because there's always something I want for the season I'm in so I don't want to spend the money on something I can't wear right now. That was until a chain women's store here in town announced it was closing and they've been bringing in clearance items from all of the stores. 70% off fall/winter. I got a sweater dress fro $15, 2 skirts for $9 each and a dress for a wedding in Sept for $18 and it's beautiful. Even with my two successful shopping trips I don't think I'll become an off-season purchaser. I now realize I need a pair of pedal pushers and I spent all my $$. Oh, well. I'll look good in October…and at the wedding. 🙂

  5. I don't think enough about thrift shops but your post is a good reminder.

    I just returned from vacation and haven't read a single blog in over a week. I was SO very sorry to hear about your injury. I hope that you are getting a lot of extra TLC. You know that you are in our prayers for a speedy recovery. Thanks for continuing your wonderful blog even in less than perfect circumstances.

  6. I hope this success at the Goodwill is sufficent reward for taking some excercise even though you are in such pain from your broken rib. The Boss shirt is a fabulous find and I love the Target shoes. ($2!) (I also have had good experience with Target shoes.) I think buying out of season can save you so much money that it is a good idea.

  7. I think shopping off season is the BEST way to thrift shop. I know last spring, I picked up several heavy cardigans…that would no longer be on the rack if I waited to shop for them in autumn. The Boss tee was a great find!

  8. If you've got the storage space off-season, thrift or retail, can produce bargins. It can be a challenge to pick things that work with your other off-season wardrobe items since they're all likely packed away and not fresh in-mind.

    I've thought of you and your ribs. How many broken/cracked ribs have my favorite female detectives -VI and Kinsey- suffered? Usually they bound out of the hosptial, popping Vicodin, and continue right on to finding their bad guy/gal. Think you feel like continuing a chase of an evil-doer?

  9. Thanks for the follow, am now following you. We teachers have to stick together!! I taught for 41 years and loved it…just retired 2 years ago. I still go back to my skill to help the teachers with their ridiculous amounts of paperwork:)

  10. I buy out-of-season all the time – we shop Goodwill but also shop yard sales, which are intense during April-May and again Sept-Oct. If we find something we love, we buy it and store it until the right season rolls around. I love the title of your blog – I am sooo over 50. Some days I feel like 60 or 70 but – haha! I'm now "following" you and would love a follow back – thanks!

  11. Sounds like you found some awesome bargains! I always like to shop for off-season bargains whenever I can. I've always found them to be great deals – and well worth it. I'm your newest follower! Deb @

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