In this picture, you can see the great
seaming in this jacket.

Fashion purchasing decisions. I have spent a great amount of time since I began this blog last summer pondering why we buy what we buy. In my lifetime, I have taken a semi-truck load of clothing to Goodwill simply filled with decisions which never should have left the store. I am actually embarrassed that it has taken me almost 50 years to begin to understand what I am looking for when I shop.

Coco Chanel’s statement, “Fashion fades, only style remains the same,” is one I have pondered for a long time, so I hope in the future as I share my quest for “What is Pam’s style?” that the posts coming up will also help many of you. Every woman needs to face the question: What do my purchasing decisions say about me?

There is no better place to begin than with the wedding outfit selection. Some of you might remember I began here:

When I first fell for this gown, I was thinking of these components:

1. Evening wedding in a formal setting

2. Black to go with the B & W tux my husband would be wearing

3. Gigi was standing there saying: THIS IS AMAZING! YOU MUST HAVE IT! (Peer pressure has much to do with decisions!)

4. I felt amazing in it!

What stopped me from walking out with the dress was my lack of hard, cold cash. I petitioned my husband for the dress and in his wisdom he said, you know I think it is just too much dress….it costs more than the bride’s dress…and he believed I would be very hot (literally, hot, not sexy) in it. He would have been exactly right.  I looked at the picture of the first dress and thought: what do I really want to say about me at this event?  OK, yes, I want to look and feel younger…I want to look thinner…I want to be classy and chic….and feel confident.

The suit included a beautiful
jacket and classic pencil
skirt. Topped off with

So, I waited and kept trying to formulate a picture of what I saw myself wearing. That was when my friend, Kerry, called. She represents New York designer, Jana Kos. Kerry was the one who said, I think you need a fabulous suit with a great fit. Her reasoning was that a well- tailored, classy suit met the occasion and I would get much wear out of it. She had the courage to point out, (and I agree with her), that many of the looks I currently wear on my blog are oversized or do not fit well. This is mostly due to my weight loss and a closet in transition. She said, “YOU NEED TO WEAR A LOOK THAT FITS YOUR BODY!”

When I went to her workplace to try on samples, I was amazed. The Jana Kos fit was nothing like anything I had ever put on …so flattering and classy. It really opened my eyes to how expensive clothing can be worth it if it looks like it was designed just for you! I tried on several pieces and wish I could have left with more than two, but the jacket and skirt I wore for the wedding were perfect (and I know you will see them again on this site, just styled differently. I would have been out of place in the other dress and, perhaps, faint from heat. The silver and black in the jacket created a very chic, formal look which went perfectly with the tuxes and the occasion. My husband even surprised me with a beautiful necklace …the creme de la creme of the entire look.

Now, I am a proponent of affordable fashion. I love a good deal just as much as the next woman does, but I do want to say that this experience taught me that often times, YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR. Jana Kos is expensive, but I have never worn anything I felt this good in! Parents of my students gifted me the money for the outfit and I cannot tell you how grateful I am for the gift, but I am convinced that her line of clothing is worth establishing a little savings account and occasionally buying a treat for my wardrobe! The lines, the cut, the fabrics are fabulous!

Later this month, I will attend a show introducing the Jana Kos Fall 2011 line and bring you a detailed report of what I discover there! Until then, remember to ask yourself when you first look in a dressing room mirror…do the clothes fit your body and the occasion??  We are beginning together to discover what leads to our purchasing decisions!
My husband gave me the perfect
accessory for the total look!!

Can’t wait to see the line in a couple of weeks!

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