The Moment

Taking a break for oatmeal at McDonald’s

This past weekend has been a moving storm of wedding activity. It began Friday afternoon with shopping…what goes under the wedding dress, shoes, tops for honeymoon, more shoes, beach bags, sunglasses…etc. etc.

A touch of fashion…loved the rosettes on her sundress
from Kohl’s

Then we met the photographer at the chapel and the reception venue. Saturday included a final dress fitting…coordinating makeup and hair appointments…more shopping for groom’s gift and his ring….thinking through the ceremony and program…finalizing lists for catering…

Mom and Daughter on the beautiful
campus of Trinity University

But, it was not until Sunday morning that all three of us…Bride…MOB, and FOB…experienced the moment. The moment of realization that this is all about to come true and our daughter is soon to wed. We met with the organist on Sunday morning to go through selections for processions and recessions. When the magnificent beauty of the organ filled the chapel and bells chimed across the university campus where the wedding is to be held…all three of us were moved to tears. It was powerful and a moment we will always treasure.

 Anyone have a wedding moment you would like to share??

The music filled the magnificent chapel and it
was powerful!


  1. I have no wedding moments, but I envy your mother/daughter relationship and the experiences you are having with her. I hope she has a blessed day!

  2. Thank you for commenting on my blog. I really appreciate them. My daughter got married 3 months ago and right after she put on her dress, one of the groomsmen came in and read a letter from the soon to be groom about his love for Alyssa…how he had prayed and waited his whole life for her. It was so romantic, I cried. I love weddings!

  3. I know I just bawled and bawled at my daughters wedding. I have so much hope for new couples but there is also the fear of divorce (that comes so easily nowadays). Good News, my daughter has a wonderful family w/3 children over 15 years later.

  4. I am not a wedding lover, not even mine, hehehehhe.My daughter got married last summer about this time, and we all made a point of enjoying ourselves.
    I am sure you will have a fabulous day.

  5. My dearI thought you'd like to know I can't read your writing or the comments. the change of text color and background needs to be changed to something more eye friendly. Waiting patiently to read more of your excellent posts. 😉

  6. i'm sure the planning gets overwhelming at times..your daughter is lucky she has you to help. must be a very exciting (and nervous) time for you all!

  7. Hi Pam, firstly I'm so sorry it's taken forever for me to get back to you, but I wanted to thank you for featuring a link on my blog previously, I was really touched 🙂

    Congrats to your daughter on her wedding, I hope it's a wonderful day for all involved, I'm sure it will be xxx

  8. I remember getting upset because the organist did not play "Ode to Joy" like I wanted; she played the standard wedding recessional. All my life I'd wanted to hear "Ode to Joy" as my husband and I walked out of the church, and I'm still waiting! 🙂 Maybe for our twentieth!

    May your daughter and her future husband have many, many blessings in their new life together!

  9. How sweet! When my Mom and I went shopping for my gown was one of the "moments." It was so magical standing on that platform with my Mom in tears holding the edges of the dress. A moment that you never forget. Enjoy this time 😀

  10. Hi Pam! I remember thinking that Jessica was THE MOST beautiful baby ever. And now she's getting married… Well, the most beautiful times in my sons' weddings were when their Dad married them. Jim was ordained right before Ryan's wedding, so he got to be their Pastor. I sat by myself at both weddings…and it was very special. Much love and hugs to you and Bill and the family. We'll be praying for all of you! Kay M

  11. so close
    I know your emotions must be everywhere!!!
    i don't think my own wedding really hit me until the day of rehearsal when my maid of honor and i went to church that afternoon to drop off some things and she and i went into the sanctuary and she whispered, "you are walking down this ailse tomorrow." gave me chills!

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