San Antonio Roses Love Lace!

Ladies in San Antonio love their lace…turquoise…silver….leather and all things feminine western!! Visitors will often see this on many women in our multi-cultural city…it is another way to style lace, but one that is very popular in Texas. Thinking of this, had me humming an old Bob Wills country song called San Antonio Rose. Here are the lyrics….and here’s to all of you San Antonio Roses out there!!

Deep within my heart lies a melody

A song of old San Antone

Where in dreams I live with a memory

Beneath the stars all alone.

It was there I found beside the Alamo

Enchantment strange as the blue up above

A moonlit pass that only she would know

Still hears my broken song of love.

Moon in all your splendor knows only my heart

Call back my Rose, Rose of San Antone

Lips so sweet and tender like petals falling apart

Speak once again of my love, my own.

Broken song, empty words I know

Still live in my heart all alone

For that moonlit pass by the Alamo

And Rose, my Rose of San Antone.
Good will provided this lace shirt with bling!
Only $2.00
The sheer lace top and the fabulous green
necklace came from Stein Mart!
I have several lace handkerchiefs from grandmothers
and great grandmothers.  They always make a
nice touch with a suit jacket.

Many cowgirls wear lace with their western

Now, check out all of the lacey ladies at Everybody, Everywear


  1. I love lace myself, being from Texas. When I married my hubby (in Texas) I wore a beautiful ivory lace dress with glass buttons. I love that dress.

    I love both shirts you have on, the first one is my favorite.

    Hope you have a great day.

  2. I love the "western" way to wear lace. Paired with leather and chunkier jewelry keeps it from being too "precious" and gives it such a great personality.

    That blouse on you is so FAB! I love the bell sleeves. You totally rock lace.

  3. I love the lace with rodeo accessories, so feminine and so Texan! I wish I was in San Antonio right now having a margarita with you and some of the other visitors to your blog! Wouldn't that be fun? Did I miss any wedding posts? Did the wedding take place yet?

  4. I am not southern… but I love that song! And I love lace, denim and cowboy boots and hats — ALL AT ONCE! You look great today! Cheers!

  5. Thank you so much for all your kind comments on my blog and for linking my blog on your sidebar. I really appreciate it! That is a lovely top. I love finding feminine clothes!

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