Maxi Dress: Julian Gold
Wrap: Target
Shell Necklace: Garage Sale, 50 cents
Coral Bracelet: Stein Mart
Sandals: Ross

Though I have been losing some weight, I am not yet swimsuit ready. It is a confidence thing. I just do not feel confident in them…even the great slimming ones! So, this summer, you might find me by a swimming pool in shorts or a cover up similar to the one I am wearing here. If I am near a pool alone, I might jump in for some exercise. But, for now I just stick my toes in the water.

The good news about this cover up is that my mother-in-law bought it for me years ago at a high end boutique, Julian Gold. (Click on the link, seriously beautiful clothes) The label says “Unsindo..made in Indonesia.” It has hung in my closet for a long time, waiting for me to drop enough pounds to wear it once again. So, the fact that I can now put it over the hips is a victory!!

Hopefully, the next victory will be a suit for next summer!! For those of us who do not wear swimsuits, are there any other ideas of how to look striking while sitting by the pool, lake or beach!! Please share!!

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