Summer Without A Swimsuit

Maxi Dress: Julian Gold
Wrap: Target
Shell Necklace: Garage Sale, 50 cents
Coral Bracelet: Stein Mart
Sandals: Ross

Though I have been losing some weight, I am not yet swimsuit ready. It is a confidence thing. I just do not feel confident in them…even the great slimming ones! So, this summer, you might find me by a swimming pool in shorts or a cover up similar to the one I am wearing here. If I am near a pool alone, I might jump in for some exercise. But, for now I just stick my toes in the water.

The good news about this cover up is that my mother-in-law bought it for me years ago at a high end boutique, Julian Gold. (Click on the link, seriously beautiful clothes) The label says “Unsindo..made in Indonesia.” It has hung in my closet for a long time, waiting for me to drop enough pounds to wear it once again. So, the fact that I can now put it over the hips is a victory!!

Hopefully, the next victory will be a suit for next summer!! For those of us who do not wear swimsuits, are there any other ideas of how to look striking while sitting by the pool, lake or beach!! Please share!!


  1. Love your wrap! I don't wear swimsuits! I wear board shorts and a rash guard top! Some people may think it sounds nuts but tons of girls wear this in CA. My intent is to remain modest and I haven't found a swimsuit that provides enough coverage.

  2. Well… wherever you are in your weight goals, you already look FABULOUS. Love your whole outfit!

    Swimsuits…. well I probably won't be wearing one much this summer…. we're working firming up those thighs that 'suddenly' got so flabby looking.

  3. You look fabulous in ithat warap. I am going to wea bikini top and men trunks this year, yeahhhhhhh. See if I find any to show you, hehehhe.

  4. I had a swimsuit last year…. but it got a hole in the knee… and I had to throw it out. This year I'm considering a Hawaiian Mu Mu. Seriously though I hope we both can wear a bathing suit again someday. You look wonderful, the wrap is beautiful on you, so who needs a bathing suit anyway.

    Love your blog, thanks for visiting me.
    New Follower.

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  5. Hello! Thanks for your visit today. I love to find other bloggers in my age group too.
    Your outfit looks great and very summery. I am not a fan of wearing a bathing suit either!

  6. I broke down and bought a suit with a skirt.

    It's totally old-lady but I find that I can hang at the pool or shore and feel comfortable.

    We often go to a camp in New England with a lake and swimming/boating is a big part of the day. There are plenty of gals there showing the effects of too much coffee cake, a hazard of being Lutheran, yet they all suit up and participate.

    It's easier to have a suit that works, even if it's got a skirt than it is to avoid a suit.

    I have a terri-cloth dress from Land's End that I wear for a cover-up because a wet suit gets chilly fast and the heavy material helps.

  7. I have a bathing suit that I've only worn about 3 times in about 5 years. It's a one-piece (of course!) with a little flap in the front (so it looks like a skirt in the front). I've only worn bathing suits around family; I'm just not comfortable wearing it around anyone else. Hopefully I'll get there with my weight and that will change!

  8. You could wear a swimsuit with a wrap skirt or broomstick skirt over it.

    I love the outfit you are wearing – very pretty with the wrap.


  9. You aren't the only one, honey! I do not wear bathing suits. It's a real source of anxiety for me. I will always be covered up until I'm in the the water and sufficiently hidden from sight.

    I LOVE that kaftan. It's gorgeous. I'm looking for one now and haven't found one yet.


  10. Thanks for the follow, I followed you as well! Love the dress, is really beautiful specially made in Indonesia! I'm half Indonesian half Dutch/Holland, you really have a great blog! ^_^
    xx Joice

  11. That is such a cute outfit! Since my upper body is not nearly as bad as my legs I will wear capris over my swim suit….why can't you wear a cute skirt? In spite of the fact that I have heavy legs and lots of cellulite I have to wear a suit when I go to the aquatic center with the kids…I hope they remember the fun we had and not my legs. LOL

  12. Beautiful photo! I've been swimming 3 or 4 times a week for years, before and after losing 120 lbs., and I think the key to looking good in and around the water is to have fun and wear a big smile. Even though I wear smaller suits now, I'm 59 and am self-conscious about saggy skin on my arms and legs so I cover up with a rash guard and swim capris when I'm not in the water. I love Lands End suits, especially the Beach Living tummy control swim shorts and tankini tops that hid the tummy area. The all-over control suits look and feel good, too.

  13. My fav suit is a pair of swim shorts and a tankini top that has pretty good coverage I found at Walmart last year. The shorts are black, so I can mix and match with different tops. You look great in that outfit!

  14. First of all you look great. I do not like to wear swimsuits myself. I am like you, I will wear a t-shirt and shorts. I love your cover up, I have one that is a little different than yours…I like to wear that too.

  15. Your outfit looks wonderful. I've enjoyed reading your blog. I'm now following. I look forward to reading your blog in the future. Thanks for stopping by!

    Marnie xo

  16. I think the dress looks lovely on you! I love the bright green and blue. So summery. Hope you still get to enjoy the water. You can always look into board shorts and a swim shirt. No reason to miss out on the pool.

  17. What a nice dress, dear!!!!
    A maxi dress is one of the things I have in mind to find for this summer….
    I used to wear a bikini but I guess this year nor a bikini nor a swimsuit.

    Wishing you a fantastic weekend

  18. I think since my early 40s, I have sworn by one piece suits. I know that the older I get I look for more structure built into the suit. When we go to our local beach, I always wear a sarong–I can fling it off when I step into the water and immediatly put it back on when I'm out. Congrats on fitting into this lovely cover up.

  19. Living in Florida with a pool in the backyard and the ocean a half hour away I really don't have an alternative, although given a preference I would never let that much skin show. However, here are some ideas:

    1. A miracle suit, flattering but pricey (mine cost $100+
    2. A tankini, at Target you can buy a different top and bottom size.
    3. I just bought a white eyelet big shirt at JC Penney
    4. I have been wearing one of my husbands white dress shirts for years
    5. There is also the sarong, although I have never tried one because I think it would hit one of my trouble points.

  20. I love the new swim dress suits and any swim skirt–its that mini-skirt thing I love so well!
    Congrats on the weight loss–you look great. You'll look great in a bathingsuit NOW! Paula

  21. very pretty and summery
    love the wrap with it
    i am shocked that you don't wear your bikini top with cut off shorts down to the pool!!!
    Ha ha ha ha ha ha

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