Atta Boy….Bert!

From all of the Project Runway Season Nine hype and promos, I thought I was going to hate the oldest designer last night. Implications were that Bert Keeter, 57, was the next Santino…the guy you love to hate. Granted we have only seen one episode, but based on just the one, Bert is gracious, kind, and good at what he does!!

Bert in the workroom wearing the
boxer shorts

Each season brings moments of immaturity running rampant through the workroom and hopefully Bert will make the cut to bring some sensibility to a few of these challenges. He definitely has talent as we saw last night when he took his boxer shorts and a T shirt and fashioned them into a cool, fun, trendy dress. The only negative comment was on the way he styled his model’s hair, makeup and accessories….Michael Kors was appalled…but they rewarded the dress last night not the complete look.

No matter how long he is here, Bert has done the following in just one episode:

• Inspired those over 50 to go for what you love and not give up

• Inspired anyone, at any age to not let difficult circumstances keep you down, but fight to come out of them and SHINE!

• Proved that you do not have to be younger to be cutting edge with women and their style…he seems to understand what women want now!

• Demonstrated the importance of listening and learning from the judges when they comment on your work…he did not get whiny or take it personally when they gave him suggestions in the initial interview…he just brought it.

The dress he creeated from
the boxer and T shirt.!

I would like to encourage all of you baby boomers to go to this Project Runway/Bert Keeter Link and vote for Bert as your favorite designer….he needs support from the home team. He won last night and also won immunity for the next challenge.    Hopefully, next week he is not about to become a Jeffrey and make someone’s mother cry!!


  1. I love Bert! I thought his dress was great and his story so inspiring. I also like that he's so much older than all those kids on the show and worked for 3 famous designers, Blass, Scaasi, and Halston. What an education that must've been. Can you imagine? I will tune in again next week rooting for Bert.

  2. Thank you so much for your kind comments about my brother Bert. He definitely has what it takes and DOES know what the modern woman wants and demands. He's always had a keen eye for design. I too hope everyone over 50 who watches the show will continue to root for Bert each day by clicking on the Project Runway site and voting for him as your favorite…he won't disappoint:)

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