The Visible And The Invisible at Starbuck’s

Starbuck’s at Legacy Shopping Center
Highway 281@Hwy 1604
Starbucks represents something beyond a cup of coffee.

                                                 -Howard Schultz                       

There are days when Starbuck’s can be a fashion spread covering many different looks. As I sat at a table, reading the Wall Street Journal and sipping my Skinny Caramel Macchiato, my eye began to capture all of the different styles collected in just one setting. There were the young, trendy, designer fashionables most likely 30-somethings….those who literally just walked out of the health club at the end of the parking lot, still sweaty and now very hungry….students with laptops already diving into studies though it was early morning and dressed like they went to bed in what they wore…the intellectual “we-are-to-cool-to-look-nice-because-it-is-shallow-and-elitist” couples reading in the corner….and Texas Starbuck’s would not be complete without the moms-in-capris-and-oversized-shirts!! I really wanted to shoot a couple of the trendier looks for the blog, but after I took the picture of my coffee cup, a nearby man began to watch me. I just did not want to be forced to ask anyone’s permission, so I put the cell phone down!!

I use to be the casual mom in capris and oversized shirts. Just about eight years ago, I would run errands looking my absolute worse. I wanted to be invisible. I just wanted to run my errands and be left alone. But, after my makeover, that changed. I have written before that salespeople treat me nicer now that I dress better for every day errand running. Also, I do not have to apologize when I run into people I know. It is rare to go to the grocery in my neighborhood and not see a familiar face. It actually makes me smile to think that someone might say in a conversation that I always look “put together.”

Excellent feature in The Wall Street Journal
on midi-length skirts!

On this VISIBLE MONDAY, let’s remember that you never know who is sitting at Starbuck’s watching you. It is worth the time and effort to fix up for the smallest of errands. Also, you will feel better about you!

When a friend says LET’S MEET FOR
Capris: Talbots
Brown T: Chicos
WDNY Sweater: Marshalls
Areosoles: Ross
Bueno Bag: Marshalls

Earrings: Stein Mart



  1. Pam, I am soooooo with you! My husband and I were talking about that this weekend. I feel like I show respect to myself and others when I fix up. It shows people that I care enough about them (not what they THINK but about THEM) to put my best foot forward. I didn't know you before your makeover, but now, you always look so happy! THAT'S the best accessory, right there! Hugs to you! ~Serene

  2. Oh I see those moms with their capris and over-sized shirts all the time. Or they are eternally dressed in yoga pants and running shoes. I just want to sit them down and recommend a make-over! It doesn't cost any more money to invest in nice summery casual dresses or pants/tops than it does to buy the capris/oversize shirts.

  3. I couldn't agree more. I find everyone smiles more when I dress well. It seems to make them happy, my appearing as though I enjoy getting dressed.

  4. Happy Belated Birthday, Pam!
    I too hate to go out 'under-dressed' and every time I used to, I swear I'd run into someone I knew! Every time!!!
    Now, I ate the very least, put on a dress and earrings (and a hat or scarf on my head 😉
    Plus, a quick tinted moisturizer and lippy!
    Looking forward to tomorrow's post(s)!

  5. Ahhh, coffee with girlfriends is ultimate happiness for me! Never get to do it anymore 🙁

    I can totally understand what you mean by being invisible and how people treat you nicer when you're dressed nice. It's a shame though…. I now make sure to treat everyone with a smile no matter whether they look sloppy or put together. You never know what's going on in that person's life. Anyway, we are all children of God and should treat everyone the way we want to be treated…
    Starting a style blog has helped me tremendously to improve my style but still too often I dress in those dreadful capris and oversized tees. I should just get rid of them! LOL
    excellent post, Pam, as usual!

  6. What's so funny about the times we try to be invisible dressed like we rolled out of bed is that we are really visible! I tell my clients this all the time. It's about self love, getting dressed to go anywhere. And it really doesn't take that much longer than the frumpy looks women wear at the grocery store. You are still putting on the same number of items.

    Love this post and really love your getting coffee look.


  7. this is how i feel watching people at the beach…that there is someone discreetly watching me! with kids, it's so easy to dress for comfort that i always have to remind myself i many run into someone i know!

    what time is your post going live tomorrow? just trying to figure out the time difference so i can get mine up at the same time – i think i'm 5 hours behind you?? HI to TX??


  8. You are so right. Sprucing up a bit, even before the most casual of errands, always lifts my mood. I LOVE watching people's fashions out in public! I always want to photograph them, too, but like you, I won't do it without their permission (which I'm too shy to request). I like your verbal descriptions, though.

  9. People watching is my favorite, and my favorite style watching is on sidewalk cafes downtown! The whole world walks by in one fashion or another!
    Ps. The wall st. journal has a great weekend style section. I love the feature on patterned pants for men… thinking how I can convince my dad to get a few pairs of loudly printed trousers!

  10. You look perfect for coffee at Starbucks…I have to confess that I can occasionally still be caught in my capris, but never an oversized t-shirt. Will have my accessory swap post up late tonight.

  11. Starbucks are different here. Everybody's sitting around writing "screenplays". Ha ha. You look very nice. I agree about dressing up a little even for errands. It feels like your making the world a better place.

  12. i love going to Starbucks! I typically am dressed when I run errands, but sometimes I just need to get things done and it's sweats. You are right though, it's much nicer to be dressed!

  13. I go nowhere and i mean nowhere with out makeup and a fairly nice outfit. I don't care that much what other people think, it makes me happy and i think I hold my head up a little higher.
    Thanks for featuring me on your blog. That was a first!

  14. You are so right about never knowing who you might run into
    On Friday I randomly ran into 2 people that I had not seen in a long time.
    I felt really bad for one of these ladies, she looked terrible and I could tell she was absolutely embarrassed to have seen me.

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