Jacket & Earrings: Stein Mart
Tank: Marshall’s
Skirt: Lane Bryant

I mentioned this recently, but I am really serious about it…summer heat has zapped my enthusiasm for style and fashion. When the majority of your summer is over 100 degrees ( 20 days in a row today) and absolutely dry as a desert, then it is hard to have much clothing touching the skin….and the thought of scarves and necklaces is just sticky.

I realize you have seen this skirt before on my blog, but summer has me wearing all of my skirts over and over again. I do attempt to style them differently whenever I wear them, but I have found skirts and dresses to be the coolest option this year. Maybe if I lose more weight, I will personally enjoy walking shorts more, but for now I feel more confident in the skirts and dresses. Also, the idea of wearing anything with a SPANX is just brutal.

I know it is completely out of character for me to WHINE…but the weather has me a little whiny. It’s sad…in Texas, we are currently looking out toward Cuba at a cluster of rain and actually wishing it will turn into a tropical storm and head toward us. Our beautiful lakes are drying up…it is difficult to find “lush” greenery…birds in the backyard fight over the pet water bowls.

Oh well, does anyone have any ideas for professional summer looks which keep you cool…my ideas are running high and dry!!

So sorry, that my smile is beginning to melt!!

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