Dana Buchman Print: Kohls
Tahari Purple Tank: Marshalls
Jeggings: Lan Bryant

The last week of July is a mile marker for me…I have about 15 days until I return to work fulltime and I have to make sure I have reached certain summer goals. One of those goals is to perform one of the bi-annual closet clean outs. So, yesterday was the day and unfortunately, it took all day.

But, I was pleasantly surprised to find a couple of surprises. Hidden deep within a pile of clothes on the floor was a ring my husband gave me for Christmas one year! I had not been able to find it for some time and had just been too lazy to deal with the growing pile of shorts, T shirts, and PJs. Thank goodness I found the ring, before he noticed it was gone!

One of these shoes had been missing for months.  Found
it in a corner under purses! Bought them last year at
Rack Room Shoes.

Also, at the bottom of this same pile I found several items I had considered taking to Goodwill. One was this bright patterned top by Dana Buchman for Kohls. I purchased it a couple of springs ago. But, after much thought and a little re-styling, I decided to hang on to it a bit longer. I am still weeding through some oversized clothing and hoping that I am not going to gain the weight back….I really want the fact that I have rid my closet of so many of the larger clothes to be a statement …NO GOING BACK!!

The top includes brown in
the mix…so I wore my
brown leather Areosoles
from Ross!

Has anyone else made great discoveries when they cleaned their closet??

Whew!!  Saved by the closet clean out!! Here is the
ring my husband bought for me several Christmases


  1. It's a beautiful ring. I have been somewhat organizing the closet monthly…and although items DO occasionally come up missing I haven't had some of the surprises you're describing. I want to see you wear the purple shoes.

  2. Yay, you found that ring! Phew, right? And those purple shoes are pretty great. I did my closet a couple weeks ago. FIVE hours later, done. Feels great to find hidden gems and to purge.


  3. Hi Pam – Happy belated birthday! you look great as usual!
    About your question on organizing closet – i do it every week- i say managing my walk in – i spend at least a couple of hours in it, usually on Sundays – it is a big job i am telling you:)

    I love all the shoes you bought – you get amazing deals in the US – Did not get the package yet Canada Post is not the best these days.
    Leaving for Portland Maine tomorrow, hopefully the package will here when i get home later in the week – xx

  4. WHEW!! Finding that ring was the best part of the cleanout.
    The ring is gorgeous! He has good taste!
    Yes ! Get rid of all of the clothes that are too big! No! You aren't going back !!!
    Have a PRETTY day!

  5. oh, yes! i always come across lost items when i clean out my closet! in fact, i can't find one of my fave necklaces. think a cleaning is in order.

    great you guys have other bookstores. i'll have to research and find some here.


  6. What a relief you found the ring! Hope your hubby isn't reading lol.

    I really want to see how you style those purple shoes. If you can't figure something out… I wear a size 8!

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