Just a touch of creativity
in this look with the
Shirt is from Ann Taylor and
the emulets keep the scarf in place.

Creativity….my favorite FOUNDATIONAL FIVE
step. I love color, art, out-of-the-box fashion ….I am naturally drawn to it. But that is the exact reason why I need five steps to keep me in check. Some of you referred to the “Classy” step with phrases like ICE PRINCESS…tacky…cheap starlet….I know you were referring to the word and not me…

I get that. I thought it interesting that one of you observed ladies in the Classy Hall of Fame do not smile that much. Anyone who has read this blog for very long knows that I like to smile….and a colorful scarf will definitely bring on the smiles. But, I personally need guidelines which will temper the creative side of me or I go completely crazy. The majority of clothes I have wasted my money on in the past have one or two problems: They are either oversized or kooky or both!!  The word classy communicates to me…and that is why each list of five will be personal to the individual to assist that woman is creating a style that is uniquely her.

Now, when I take a garment into the dressing room that I was drawn to because it is fabulously different….that garment must also meet all of the other guidelines. I can still go for my creativity, but it must be strong, classy, fit well, and be age appropriate all at the same time. The FOUNDATIONAL FIVE™…for me is not only a way to create a personal style, but also a check and balance system to keep me out of trouble. I need the creativity in order to keep my love of fashion fed and to be approachable. You are right…sometimes the regular public is not drawn to an ice princess….I want to feel great about the way I look, yet remain the girl next door.

I observed on blogs from France,
women there wear off the shoulder
scarves and I like the look!!
Sometimes creativity comes
from a style technique and not
the actual garment!
In looking at this, I think I will
switch sides next time….

I hope this is truly helping others and that some of you are beginning to better define what you desire your style to be….It has helped me so much and my recent purchases now have exclamation rather than questions marks hovering over them.

A special thank you for those who have mentioned the FOUNDATIONAL FIVE post on your blogs!!  Thanks so much for keeping this conversation going!!!

Does anyone else have ideas on how you tone down creativity in your personal wardrobe or should it always fly free???

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