“Fairy Tales can come true…they can happen to you…if you’re young at heart…”

Yes, Frank Sinatra sang to me as I wrote this post. This line from the song actually would have been a perfect fit in Tom Hank’s new movie Larry Crowne. Without spoiling it for you, Larry Crowne is reinvented and rejuvenized by a group of college students….kind of like I am each day when I face high school students. It’s a fact spending time with youth will help you to feel young.

But, we are really here to discuss the fourth pillar of my own personal FOUNDATIONAL FIVE 
shopping guidelines….Dressing with YOUTHFUL in mind. When I look in the mirror, I make myself find the balance in appropriate age dressing. I look at the piece I am trying on and ask….DOES IT MAKE ME LOOK OLD? DOES IT MAKE ME LOOK TOO MUCH LIKE I AM TRYING TO BE YOUNGER? I want to find the balance and do not want to be accused of being either too young or too old with my style. This week I will turn 58…now I find myself a lot closer to 60 than to 50!! So, my age questions are going to be different from many of yours. I would love to be accused of looking 40…but I do not think I will ever look 30 again…so I am not going for that. What I want?…is for people to be shocked when they find out my age!! Again, please remember this is one of the five questions I now ask when I shop or style a look. Yes, age is a state of mind and the good thing is I DO NOT FEEL 58! I really feel younger and hope to hold on to that for a very long time.  Now, a word about this color…I know I wear it alot!  Someone commented yesterday that the color is drab.  I just happen to love it…mostly because of what it does to my eyes!!  These are my foundational five™… and the colors are ones I select for me…if it is drab to you…then that’s OK…don’t wear it!  I encourage you though to find the colors you love and you think look best on you…the colors which increase your personal confidence.  That is what drab army green does for me…I am always more confident when I wear it!

Yes, there were a few issues
with the camera today!!
I wish you could see
the metallic gold strips
in the cardigan.

You bet I feel visible in this Calvin Klein outfit…it makes for a perfect date outfit with the hubs. I love the sequins on the sweater and the fit of the sweater. I love the cardigan with its touch of sparkly gold stripes on top of my favorite color. I will probably wear the cardigan to work but with a more work appropriate blouse underneath. Look for it restyled this fall! The sparkly sweater and cardigan are Calvin Klein from Marshall’s….and you have seen my Lane Bryant jeggings before. Now hum a little Sinatra and hop on over to Patti’s site and see all of the VISIBLE MONDAY looks!!


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