News About Beauty And Kate (Of Course!)

Happy Friday Everyone!!

I wanted to share some beauty products with you that I love right now…just in case you are out shopping over the weekend.

As some of you may know, I have been walking every day, and in our heat and humidity that can do a number on your hair. If I washed my hair daily, then I would need color within two weeks! My little skunk stripe begins to show as the color fades….so I try not to wash every day. After a recommendation, I tried the Salon Graphix Invisible Dry Spray Shampoo, and I have to say, I love it. I can get rid of the sweat and overall YUK feeling, brush it, style and go off for the day. This is an excellent product which I purchased at ULTA with a coupon for only $5….very affordable!!

Also, I have worked tirelessly for the last seven years to kill the FRIZZ in my hair. I have tried some really expensive products and some really ineffective products. So, I am very pleased to have found John Frieda’s new styling spray, 3-Day Straight. It does the job of the expensive products for much less. Also, my hair feels great…not gummy as some products do…and as it promises…you only use it every three days!!

Finally, I have fallen for the Cover Girl/Olay Simply Ageless Make up line. This line is composed of foundation and blushes infused with Olay Regenerist Serum. I have been a big fan of Olay products for years…simply because I like the results. Since, I switched to Simply Ageless; I have women ask me for the name of my makeup all the time. My face feels great and I feel very confident in the makeup. I have heard more than one makeup artist say that women over 50 should use cream foundation and blush rather than powder. They say that powder will age us….DON’T WANT THAT!  Also, I have started adding just a few drops of Vitamin E oil around my eyes at nigth and gently rubbing it in…an estetician shared this with me. I purchased both the makeup and John Frieda at the grocery store with coupons!!  Also, the Vitamin E is from the grocery with no coupon.

ONE MORE NOTE: ABC NEWS reported this morning some interesting fashion news about Kate! Not only is she the current Audrey Hepburn of class and style, but she is also a remixer! That’s right…unlike so many in the limelight, Kate is not afraid to wear outfits more than once with just a little something new thrown in!! (Not surprised, she and Kendi Everyday are similar in many ways…Kendi is the blogosphere remix super star!)


  1. what does the vit e do?
    i need all the eye area help i can get
    a lot of conversation about Kate wearing pantyhose as well.
    she is just gonna set all kinds of trends
    have a great weekend

  2. Thanks for all the tips. I love when bloggers do this. I think I've tried several products from each of my favorite bloggers suggestions. And they've all been great. So, thanks and I will let you know what I tried and how it worked.


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