Today is not just THRIFTING THURSDAY on Every Body Every Wear, but also my 58th birthday! Woo Hoo!! So, in honor of my B-Day, I wanted to talk about something I really love and that is SHOES!!

Shoes are like carbs to me….I absolutely crave them, but have to watch out not to overindulge with them!! I have better luck thrifting accessories more so than clothing….I do not believe that would be the case if I was a smaller size. It just is a little more difficult to seek out treasurers of great designer clothing in larger sizes. But, I always seem to find a fun pair of shoes when I go to the thrift or consignment shops in my city. Last year, I even forgot about some of my fun shoes, because I just had too many…so I took a small boat-load of those to the resale shop!!

I love these little leather flats…only $3!!

Another thing I am going through at the moment is that I am really, really tired of summer. The non-stop sunshine; droplets of rain only twice in five months; excessive humidity; and little hope of change have all taken the fun out of summer clothing for me. I was able to find a couple of beautiful silk items at GOODWILL recently, but it was just too hot today to even put them on my body!! So, shoes it is!  And, you know, for some of my
outfits…it is all about the SHOES!

$1.99 at Goodwill…brand new!!

They are fun and not hot at all!! Now, in honor of my birthday…bring on the carbs!!

To enjoy a plethora of fun styles from successful thrifting trips, just go to:

Birthday Flowers from my sweet hubs!!

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