Thrifting Shoes Is Like Eating Carbs!!

Today is not just THRIFTING THURSDAY on Every Body Every Wear, but also my 58th birthday! Woo Hoo!! So, in honor of my B-Day, I wanted to talk about something I really love and that is SHOES!!

Shoes are like carbs to me….I absolutely crave them, but have to watch out not to overindulge with them!! I have better luck thrifting accessories more so than clothing….I do not believe that would be the case if I was a smaller size. It just is a little more difficult to seek out treasurers of great designer clothing in larger sizes. But, I always seem to find a fun pair of shoes when I go to the thrift or consignment shops in my city. Last year, I even forgot about some of my fun shoes, because I just had too many…so I took a small boat-load of those to the resale shop!!

I love these little leather flats…only $3!!

Another thing I am going through at the moment is that I am really, really tired of summer. The non-stop sunshine; droplets of rain only twice in five months; excessive humidity; and little hope of change have all taken the fun out of summer clothing for me. I was able to find a couple of beautiful silk items at GOODWILL recently, but it was just too hot today to even put them on my body!! So, shoes it is!  And, you know, for some of my
outfits…it is all about the SHOES!

$1.99 at Goodwill…brand new!!

They are fun and not hot at all!! Now, in honor of my birthday…bring on the carbs!!

To enjoy a plethora of fun styles from successful thrifting trips, just go to:

Birthday Flowers from my sweet hubs!!


  1. Oh Pam, that title almost made me spit my coffee. Too funny!


    Love the studded flats, great find. Have a wonderful birthday!

  2. Happy birthday! Love your shoes. My hubs says I have too many shoes. He is right,. I think the reason I have so many is that shoes can be purchased no matter what size you are and they always look good. Those flats with the butterflies are wonderful. The shoes at thrift stores here are usually so gross I would not put my foot in them. I am beginning to think the stores send all the good ones to wherever those of you who thrift live! Ha!
    Happy 58th to a very lovely lady.

  3. Happy Birthday to you!!!!
    wow! such great shoes and good prices. like my friend always says "shoes don't make you look fat" (even tho you are not).

  4. I don't have a lot of luck thrifting shoes. I love all of your cute finds though! Have a fabulous birthday!

  5. Oh, those leather flats are an excellent find! And yes, we should start a campaign to wear nothing but shoes until this heat wave passes.

  6. Happy Birthday!!!
    I love shoes too!! you and I are peas in a pod!! hope you have a super awesome day!! xox j

  7. Happy Birthday! And I'm totally impressed that you have managed to find so many cute and cheap shoes thrifting. I have one pair of Michael Kors heels from a thrift shop but I am pretty sure they cost me at least $15. I totally need to take a lesson from you! – Katy

  8. Happy birthday! You have flowers and shoes…so it is already a good day. I've never had any luck finding shoes at the thrift store in Ohio where I live but have found some good clothes bargains.

  9. Happy Birthday!!! I love thrifting shoes! I've gotten some really good deals. Lise got 2 great pair just today!

  10. I am weird I guess because it sort of creeps me out to wear other peoples shoes.
    I have thrifted on pair of shoes in my life and they were brand new. lol

  11. Happy birthday, Pam! I hope it was a wonderful day!

    I love the shoes – I have a hard time finding shoes when I thrift, but it's happened a few times.

    PS – love all the awesome shoes you got at DSW. I have a pair of Me Too pumps and they are deliciously comfortable.

  12. I wish thrifting were more popular here. In my small city I only found a small vintage store, who was pretty expensive & only 2 or 3 clothes were really vintage. And, I wish too, you`ll have some of our rain (6/7 days) & we, some of your sunshine.

  13. Happy Birthday! AND IT IS ALWAYS ABOUT THE SHOES – in my humble opinion. I love those leather flats with the butterflies… oh my!!! Gorgeous! Have a great day – I am a new follower, too! So that is something to be happy about! Cheers! 🙂

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