Foundation #5: Dressing In Clothes that Fit

I confess. I was one of those women….you know the ones who really believe that the bigger the garment, the more late night ice cream is hidden. It took much coaxing from makeover shows to get me to the point where I had the courage to wear clothes that actually hugged my curves and fit my body. I was stunned the first time I did this…starring in the mirror wondering how it looked like I lost weight…when I knew I hadn’t.

Now, there’s no turning back!! I want to wear clothes that appropriately fit my body. This doesn’t mean I still may not make a mistake or two along the way….but I can now see with my own eyes the huge difference between clothing that fits and clothing that flops on my figure.

Today, I am a size 16!! I truly hope to lose down to a 14 or 12, but I want to fit my size 16 body today. If I look for the seams and the proper sizes, then I will look good right where I am at the size that I currently am. Did you know that size 16 is the most popular women’s size in the country and will usually sell out first?? For those of us 16s…that’s a bummer!

According to this fifth pillar of my FOUNDATIONAL FIVE
shopping guidelines, if the garment is too big or even too small, it stays at the store!!   I look for garments with seams…especially seams designed to slim;  I prefer a V Neck or open collar to elongate my look; and unless it is a special design, the shoulders must fit my shoulders and not droop off to the side.  Since I changed my ways, shoulder fit is the first place I look…In the past I didn’t check it at all!

Now, I have discussed all of the foundations that make up my personal style! Is anyone else ready to share their foundations yet….what do you want to communicate with your clothing??






Now Shop!!!!!!!!


  1. Fit is SO important. Princess seams are miracle workers. I think part of my hesitance to wear clothing that was fitted to my body was that growing up I always had drilled into me that too tight clothing made the wearer look "cheap and trashy" (my mother's words). So I tended to err on the side of baggy, but am now finding my happy medium (no pun intended).

  2. My word–you do not look like a size 16 at all. I'm 5'10" and a size 14, and I think I look a lot heavier than you do!

    I agree with you on the fit–it was a hot day and I was feeling chunky, so I pulled out a size 16 Tahari dress to wear. My picture got taken, and even my husband agrees that I look a whole lot heavier in the photo than I do IRL. It is a wonderful flattering purple color–I bought it at a super discount, so I resistant to getting it tailored–which is stupid–the purchase price is irrelevant now–I can have a dress that looks superb if I bite the bullet and go to the tailor…

  3. For me, this is the most important pillar of your foundational five. If something foesn't fit properly, it'd be much more difficult to show strenght, class, creativity or youngfulness. Although we love some garment a lot, if it doesn't fit…it shouldn't came home with us.

  4. I have truly loved reading about your five foundations. I think I'd choose all of these as well. Can I do that, just steal yours instead of coming up with my own? 🙂 I like them!

    You do look incredible! Focus on living a healthy life, feeding your body good things, exercising for health, and the weight will come off as a happy result without being the focus.

  5. You are looking smashing. I am loving these posts. Fit makes all the difference doesn't it? I have begun adding a bit to the cost of most items that I purchase now to include alterations. The smallest little nip can make such a difference. I even bought an inexpensive sewing machine recently so that I can make sure things fit that much better. Keep up the great work!

  6. this last pillar is definitely my weakness…but i'm working on it. i always buy things that don't fit, thinking i can make it work somehow. often times, it never works out.

    and might i say that i'm quite surprised you are a 16!!!


  7. How GREAT do you look in all of these photo's!?!
    Rock on my friend!!! HMMM! Size 16 .. most popular… I am a popular gal! Great post and so true – big and boxy … well… you look big and boxy!
    have a PRETTY day Pam!

  8. I have to get almost everything altered… and if I find something that fits my hips AND my shoulders… I snap it up immediately!

    *pfft* Size 16… you skinny B! j/k I'm a rather ticked-off 20! Oh well, hopefully I will follow you down the sizes soon…

  9. Fit is the first rule for me–and even though I can alter–I know how far I can go. I have thought about my shopping habits and I will call them the Four Fits~to be posted later.
    You look great Pam!

  10. First of all, you look fantastic. And thank you for including fit as one your five. It really is important. Stacey and Clinton better watch out. I think they may have competition. 🙂

  11. Hi Pam – looking great as usual – Fit is important it will make all the difference when it comes to buy a piece of garment but for me it has to be super confortable as well i am very active so confort is important – color is important especially when you get older it has to suit you make you glow! did not receive the package yet for accessory swap, hope i will get it soon! Ariane

  12. It really is amazing how huge the difference can be when you are wearing clothes that fit well! And wearing clothes that hide the parts you are insecure about and accentuating the bits you like.

    It seems all i have to do is throw on a cinch belt and everyone needs to tell me i've lost weight. nope. just put on a belt.

    Chic on the Cheap

  13. I love the fantastic five! The one that gets me is the one in which I don't want to look frumpy, nor like i'm trying too hard 😉
    My creative side often overrides my classy factor, but I don't mind. i think dressing should be fun and inspiring 🙂
    Last night I was watching a show on Lifetime? that was targeting the age factor and hair.
    They said "no long hair" over 40ish……..
    I hope a bun counts 😉

  14. I'm with you, no clothes that don't fit! I love all these looks on you, but I think my favorite is still the drapey long cardigan with the gold sequined shell underneath. And I love the hoop earrings on you! You just look so cute and sexy in that outfit. I hope it's getting regular rotation in your wardrobe!

  15. That center pic from your collage is my absolute favorite outfit and pic of yours. I think it's when you first started to buy clothes that fit your new body. You look fantastic always.


  16. Woo! congratulations on size 16, Pam – you look stunning. 🙂

    I love your Foundation Five. Such a great idea to help women hone what they really need in their wardrobes, as well as having some guidelines to help them define what look they want, to help show the world who they are! You are definitely all of those Five!

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