Lee Jeans @ Kohls
V Neck T @ Lane Bryant
Infinity Scarf@ Old Navy
From products that firm my skin to a product which promises to slim!!  I have spent the last 10 years forced to shop in the full figured women’s clothing, so you might be able to imagine my excitement when I finally could once again shop in the Misses department.  I found these Lee Bootcut Slimming Jeans at Kohls a few weeks ago on sale…and I was so excited  they fit!
I do not know how slimming they actually are on me…or if there is a dramatic change like their tag suggests…but I do know they feel good and I feel good in them.
We are able to wear the Casual Friday-look until we get our students in the classroom on Friday.  This is also a look I might wear to run errands…catch dinner with Mr. B….or go shopping with Gigi!!
Ballet Flats I recently found at Garment Exchange Resale in town
Has anyone else tried one of the slimming jean or slimming pants products that they believe make a big difference?? 
Now, I need your help…please.  I am so sad that one reader wrote yesterday that she would never read my blog again, because I was boldfacing the font.  She said it was too difficult to read.  So, please tell me….do you like it boldface or just left alone.  I would like to do whatever the majority of those who comment prefer.  I was of the opinion that the BF helped it to stand out and actually be more readable.  Please help me make this decision with your comments!!  Of course, readability is important and I do not want anyone to leave because they cannot read it…but I need to know which is better.  THANKS SO MUCH!!
I love you all!!
My headband is from Target
The earrings were from Amazing Serene
during the accessory swap!!

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