Lee Jeans @ Kohls
V Neck T @ Lane Bryant
Infinity Scarf@ Old Navy
From products that firm my skin to a product which promises to slim!!  I have spent the last 10 years forced to shop in the full figured women’s clothing, so you might be able to imagine my excitement when I finally could once again shop in the Misses department.  I found these Lee Bootcut Slimming Jeans at Kohls a few weeks ago on sale…and I was so excited  they fit!
I do not know how slimming they actually are on me…or if there is a dramatic change like their tag suggests…but I do know they feel good and I feel good in them.
We are able to wear the Casual Friday-look until we get our students in the classroom on Friday.  This is also a look I might wear to run errands…catch dinner with Mr. B….or go shopping with Gigi!!
Ballet Flats I recently found at Garment Exchange Resale in town
Has anyone else tried one of the slimming jean or slimming pants products that they believe make a big difference?? 
Now, I need your help…please.  I am so sad that one reader wrote yesterday that she would never read my blog again, because I was boldfacing the font.  She said it was too difficult to read.  So, please tell me….do you like it boldface or just left alone.  I would like to do whatever the majority of those who comment prefer.  I was of the opinion that the BF helped it to stand out and actually be more readable.  Please help me make this decision with your comments!!  Of course, readability is important and I do not want anyone to leave because they cannot read it…but I need to know which is better.  THANKS SO MUCH!!
I love you all!!
My headband is from Target
The earrings were from Amazing Serene
during the accessory swap!!


  1. Pam…isn't it wonderful to find jeans that fit!?!? You look great!

    Okay, I have to address the font issue. I went back and read yesterday's comments and saw the commenter regarding the font you use. Honestly, I can read your font fine and it's really hard to predict how something will show up on someone else's computer or web browser.

    Frankly, I didn't care for her tone, OR the fact that she used the comments section to voice this, OR the fact that her own profile is private. It's like a drive-by. While I DO want honest feedback, if you feel the need to tell me you're not reading my blog anymore, why be so public about it? If you're trying to be constructive, why not pop me an email…your email is in your "about me" section as are most of ours. I think your font is fine. But if you want to change it or think it can be improved, that's cool too. But I just don't think that comment came from a constructive place. Big hugs and LOTS of love! ~Serene

  2. Love the jeans, love your look, and congrats again on all your accomplishments!

    I personally prefer a non-bold font, but I've never had any trouble reading yours, and I think it's a personal choice. But if you're going to *make* me vote (smile) I'll go for non-bold. No matter the font, I will read you daily, till the end of time : >

    That said, a commenter can be very rude in communicating a preference!

  3. The right jeans can be slimming, and those look great on you.
    As for the font, I prefer yesterdays font to todays…but then maybe it is my old eyes that have trouble reading. I'll read no matter what font you use.

  4. I have to weigh in on the font issue. When I'm having trouble reading something on the screen, I simply increase the font size (as opposed to criticizing the blogger!). That said, I like your last post, in the bold face.

  5. You look great in your new jeans! I prefer yesterday's font but I will continue to read no matter what you decide. LOVE your blog! xo, Eileen

  6. Either is fine by me! I'll keep reading, unless you happen to start blogging in some language I can't read… ;—)

  7. I have problems reading white fonts on black backgrounds, but I would never ever tell anyone that I would quit reading their blog because they styled it that way! Your blog is just fine as is. You use fonts creatively and it makes your blog unique. Like Patti, I will be reading your blog no matter what (even if you go to a black background!)
    Now to the outfit. I really like the top and the jeans look great on you. You look so thin now!

  8. First of all, you look great, I especially love the scarf and the shoes. Second, what? Someone told you they'd never read your blog again because of FONT? Excuse me? I'm coming back no matter what because I love your content! As for font, my eyes are starting to go and tiny type is harder to read so bigger is better, for me, but honey, it's all about you here, it's your blog! XO, Jill

  9. FIrst of all, I love your blog! I look forward to your comments about women of a certain age and fashion. I'm losing weight (72 lbs and still losing) and experimenting with different styles (slightly different as I am rather timid). I'm also a HS teacher and your blog is one I check everyday! Thank you.

    That having been said, I do like the not bolded font better.

  10. I like the not bold AND not italicized font better. I didn't find an email address or I would have sent my comments that way. Today's font is easier to read for me and more consistent appearance for the blog. A point size larger would match the comments font. Pam, as you are a teacher of journalism you know a part of it is the technical presentation. I love your content and pictures and overall layout and felt the font distracted from that. Thank you for responding to this reader!

  11. Hi Pam…thanks for dropping by my blog…lovely to hear from you.
    You look great and your blog is just perfect…don't listen to silly, negative comments they are not worth your energy 🙂

  12. Whether the font is bold or not doesn't matter to me. But I do prefer non-italicized fonts. They are easier to read. I'm a fairly new reader, but I like what I find here.

  13. I was surprised by that comment. (And I agree with what the others said about the tone of it). There are MANY fonts in blogworld that I have trouble reading, but yours wasn't one of them. (I usually have trouble if they're too faint or too small — in which case, I just enlarge them). The new font may be slightly easier to read, if I must choose. But yeah, like the others have said, I'll read you no matter what!

  14. You look smashing in your new jeans! Jeans are a wardrobe staple for me, and I'm always on the hunt for the most flattering, versatile styles.

    I've been a big fan of NYDJ for a few years now. I don't know that they make me look "a size smaller" as they claim but they fit me wonderfully, are made in the USA, and hold up quite well. I also picked up a pair of "7 for all Mankind" mid-rise bootcuts a few months ago, and Nordstrom hemmed them for free. They are currently my favorite "go-to" pair.

    Regarding the font, I'm just fine with the fonts you've used so far, but would suggest that you may want to increase the font size just a little bit for those readers who may have more trouble.

  15. I think if you're going to drop the bold that increasing the size of the type might be a good idea. I was fine with the boldface, it did make the text easier to read.

    I'm not a fan of the NYDJ. They're tight and made me feel like I should go up a size – that's not a feeling that inspires me to buy!

    I have some "slimming" Lee pants from Kohl's and they look alright but the waistband is stretchy and I need to wear a belt with them so I avoid crotch droop. The belt adds another "roll" at my tummy and I feel like I lose the slimming effect becaues of that.

  16. The jeans look great. I think the font is fine; I agree with the reader that the only time I have problems is if it is white type on a dark background. I like the fact that you experiment with the way the blog looks.

  17. Honestly…if I like the blog and the blogger enough (and I adore you!), I don't care what font they use.

    You look fantastic in those jeans! I haven't tried them but now I might want to…

  18. so happy you found a pair of jeans you love
    nothing like a great pair of jeans
    as far as the font, i think the person used the wrong venue and tone in her post
    i could read it fine, but having said that i like the cleaner more plain font of today better
    you will never please everyone so go with what you like best!

  19. Hi Pam!
    I've never tried slimming jeans, though Newport News has a great selection. They seem too good to be true 😉 Plus I can just pop on some Spanx when I need an extra 'tuck' 😉

    Re: the font………….
    I my early days I blared music at people and muddied up my side-bar with all kinds of flashy stuff and widgets. It took a GENTLE nudge from a fellow blogger to help me make my blog more reader friendly 😉

    I was going for a "look at me" approach and my content was getting lost in all the distraction.
    I suppose if you enjoy that font, that's what matters in the end, however, I have found that simpler (which I don't do well 😉 can be better for readers, as it allows them to see You and Your message with less distraction.

    So I split my blog half/half (big header, NO music, less widgets) and added larger more reader-friendly fonts.9 i use Georgia,large…
    Maybe give it a try and play around with different looks (while keeping you in the mix!)
    You can always switch back anyway.

    The way it was stated was a bit harsh,too.
    Remember, it's YOUR blog so ask yourself what you primary purpose is and maybe check out some other 'big-timer's' to see how they do it, if you are blogging to gain more readers 🙂
    If you like it, that's what matters!
    (i can read it fine) but another friend asked me to stop with the all caps thing and I did.Now I like it much better!
    Just an opinion – hope it helps 😉
    Love ya,

  20. yay for the misses! so glad you found a pair that fits you well and that you feel comfy in! you look fabulous and confident in them!

    like melissa said above, if i like the blog/blogger, i will read no matter what. however, if you are looking to make some changes, i did have to strain a bit to read the italic + bold + small font 🙂


  21. First, the jeans in a dark wash look great. The Misses department will open an entire new world. You know I never ever thought about the fact that your font was in bold…perhaps the person has some sort of visual challenge.

  22. I'm only 5 ft tall so must shop in the petites section so not all "slimming" styles are available to me. Of the ones I've tried, none seem to fulfill their promises.

    As far as the font issue goes, I'm find with either one. I think that readers who have trouble with either font might be able to adjust their screen settings to make the font larger or easier to read.

    I've noticed that I have problems viewing your photos, not the font, but it's probably an issue with my computer rather than with yours.

    I enjoy reading your blog and am sorry that someone would stop reading it because of a font problem.

  23. Kohl's needs to hire you – you keep sending people there. Those jeans look really great.

    I just had a week's vacation and could not figure out why I was having such a hard time reading your blog. The last post that I could read easily was when you had someone else writing – Mary, I think. I didn't realize you were using bold, it just looks significantly smaller to me. So, and only if you are really asking for opinions, I vote for a return to your old style font.

  24. I am relatively new to your blog and love it! I don't have a blog of my own so I'm not sure if I am even qualified to comment on your fonts or lay-outs, but they seem fine to me. I noticed Une Femme suggested perhaps a larger font and just like her wonderful blog, that is a good suggestion if some readers have a harder time reading. But I love your posts and photos and think you are adorable. P.S. The jeans look smashing! Thank you for all the work and effort you put into my morning read!

  25. Hi Pam – Nice post and super jeans! you always look nice! as for the font, i prefer the font you are using now, makes it easier to read –

    Take care – your friend from Montreal!

  26. Pam! Great blog! So glad I found you! Approaching the 5-0 myself. Still feel 30 and love fashion like the young ones do. Wish I could still wear it all though! Great blog…I had no problem with any of your fonts/bold/italicized anything…:) If get moment check my blog out. I am going to follow you for sure!
    XO Carrie

  27. Yay for awesome jeans!

    I dont have a problem reading the font, in bold – but usually I think it's good to avoid anything too much like a script, it's too hard to read and some computers can't display fonts properly so they might look fine to you and unreadable to someone else.

    Chic on the Cheap

  28. Pam — I may be wrong, but your font wasn't even Times Roman. Times Roman is a serif font, and the font that you're using (and used yesterday) is (was) a sans serif, which (up until a few year ago) was exactly what you're supposed to use for reading text on a screen. The difference between the bold version that you used yesterday and today's unbolded version seemed so slight that it made little difference to me. There is a lot of information on the Web about making text more readable (I used to work in public relations, so we spent a lot of time on readability).

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