FBFF: What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up?

My high school newsroom is my home away from home!
This week’s FBFF questions intrigued me, so I decided to join in!!   The idea of WHAT’S YOUR DREAM JOB?could bring some interesting responses when answered by different age groups.   I often ask my high school students to answer the question IF YOU COULD DO ANYTHING WHEN YOU GRADUATE FROM COLLEGE, WHAT WOULD IT BE?  I think it is very important to ponder that exact question when you are young and consider how early decisions will set you on a path to achieving your dreams. I decided in 8th grade (formerly called Junior High) that I would major in journalism and I NEVER changed or questioned that decision once.  I began writing on my own time in 5th grade really to escape a volatile household! After college, I worked in various communications fields…traveled constantly…and enjoyed every moment.  Because I was career focused, I married late at age 31, and I turned down some big opportunities in New York and Washington, D.C. to be a stay-at-home mom when my kids were younger…. and I do not have one moment of regret.   In order to provide private education for my kids, I became a teacher at their school.  This is actually my very first year to teach without one of my own kids in the building….and for the past 11 years, teaching has been exhilarating!  So, as I discuss a dream job…let me be clear that my current role as a teacher, wife, and mom are all jobs I cherish!
New paint job…no more pastel blue walls!!
Now, to Katy’s questions:
  1.       Fess up – if you could do anything professionally, what would it be?  At the ripe old age of 58, I really gave this some deep thought before I answered.  I have considered attempting the professional blogger route, but, really, would that be the DREAM JOB?  If I could do anything, I would be sitting as Editor-In-Chief of a small town daily newspaper…of course, with a style section.  I would be behind a fabulous, antique desk working at a window which looked over a charming town square.  I believe I offer the ability to train reporters and cover news with unique angles which would keep the local newspaper thriving and profitable.
2.       What draws you to this?  Where I am in my life… my love for newspapers; my love for keeping people informed; my love of the charm of small towns; my understanding of the news and marketing sides of the business; my love for developing a community and my love for true, hard-nosed diligent news reporting.  Actually, in a way, the Editor-In-Chief is still a teaching position.
Maybe New Braunfels…a charming
German community!!
3.       When did you first start dreaming of this idea?  As I said, I have dreamed since I was in middle school of working as an editor for a newspaper.   The opportunity came when I was not ready to leave my children.  So, as a new empty nester….I NOW HAVE THE TIME!!
Or Johnson City…just up the freeway a bit!
This is the childhood home of President Lyndon Baines Johnson
 4.       What’s holding you back from going all in?  I do love my current job and feel very attached to our school…it is like one big family or small town.  I also do not know anyone who would be open to hiring someone with a resume like mine….with that bigggg mommy gap in it!!  It would take a unique publisher with some courage and vision
5.       Sometimes the first step is the hardest, what is one step you could take right now on the way to realizing your dreams?  I think blogging is an important step just to keep me before the public and begin to build my life as a professional once again.  Maybe, I will check around the current situation at some of the small newspapers around San Antonio.  I will keep you up to date on the progress!!  I just do not sense that I desire to leave teaching at this time.  I love living vicariously through my students.  One of them is currently in Washington D.C. on Capitol Hill interning for the Gannett Newspaper Group which includes USA TODAY!!  I so enjoy keeping up with all they are doing.  But who knows what tomorrow may bring!
Now, head on over to MODLY CHIC and check out other blogger’s answers…it should be fun!!


  1. First let me say that you look amazing! I would have never guessed you were 58.

    Great post. Teaching has always been a dream of mine and I can see that it would be hard to give up.

  2. At 60 I still don't know 'what I wannna be when I grow up'. After being on vacation (staycation) this week I decided I'd like to be a stay at home grandma. I always thought I'd like to do something that involves travel. Maybe I lack ambition or maybe I am just content.

  3. I could SO see you as the Editor in Chief of a small town paper – perhaps even introducing the first style section to the paper and community.
    Like you, I've know I wanted to write since junior high. Novels were my thing at the time, which morphed into print journalism in high school and solidified in college. Then as a professional I got into online journalism and have loved every minute I've spent writing. – Katy

  4. Great post! Love the questions and the answers too of course. Blogging helped me to understand myself better. If I could have my way I would be an artist. I've always been passionate about art, but not very confident in my own abiities. So I choose to study medicine at first, then acoounting. Worked as an accountant, and hated it. Now I stay home with kids and can't imagine going back to accounting. I've been thinking a lot on the topic of today's FBFF

  5. loved reading your answers! you definitely have the motivation and drive to do anything! but i also do understand the ties that keep us where we currently are. i guess in due time 🙂


  6. I like this!
    You already know my answer ,tee,hee!
    A fashion photographer,the draw is the artistic point of view and the cool,fun stuff you can create with a camera.
    The what's holding me back thing is the hard one and i can always come up with a million excuses.

    i love your answers and with your will and strength,you can definitely be anything!
    I admire that in you!

  7. I'd love to be an amazing musician with an awsome sense of style. This, new to me, world of blogging has opened my eyes and motivated me to climb out of my box. Thank you!!!!

  8. You could come to my little town and be an editor-in-chief, although little towns often have a lot of internal politics that might be tricky to unravel. I had not realized you teach at a private school.

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