Girls Just Wanna Have FUN…Swapping Accessories!

Purple Top: Ross
White Tank: Chicos
$1 Silver Belt: Goodwill
Denim Capris: Lane Bryant
Silk Scarf: SERENE!!

Some of my favorite high school memories were swapping clothes with girl friends!  Instead of one closet….I actually had four!!  Of course, I loved everyone else’s clothes more than mine!!   I still remember a red & white striped dress that belonged to my best friend, Pattii, and I loved to pretend it was mine!!

More evidence that Serene has
excellent tastes!!

Maybe that is why even at the ripe old age of 58, I  love to swap with my girlfriends.  Serene of The Elegant Bohemian was one of the first incredible women I met in the blogosphere a year ago and I actually laughed when her name came up as my swap partner.  She once lived in San Antonio (many with a military background have) and often comments on things I write about  my location.   She is a sweetheart….a hard worker…a great mom…and incredibly creative.  Understanding how hot it is in South Texas right now, she sent me a fun, summery, lightweight scarf and a beautiful stone necklace with matching earrings!!  The scarf has my favorite color purple within it and the jewelry is my second favorite color…green!  You will have to visit Serene to see what I mailed her direction…and check out the other style bloggers as well!!  It is always fun for girlfriends to swap a look!!  (P.S. I also learned from LINDA that yesterday was National Girlfriend’s Day!!  Always worth a celebration!




  1. I'm so glad you ladies are doing the accessories swap. It sounds like you are having fun! I love the necklace and earrings Serene sent, so gorgeous!

  2. Gorgeous, Pam – I love how you are showing off the earrings! This has been great fun, and I have gotten to know Lise from Southern Comfort – a true sweetheart. I'll be posting later today with the goodies!

  3. Pam!!! You look absolutely beautiful in that scarf and the earrings! The color around your face is just perfect! This has been so much fun! Thanks for swapping with me! Big Texas Hug! ~Serene

  4. Pam–thank you for organizing this! It truly was fun and I think Adriane's choices for me pushed me in new directions. I love the jewelry Serene sent…and I love your expression in that last photo.

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