Give Me A Coupon and a Summer Sale and I will GIVE YOU FUN!

Jacket: Stein Mart
Ann Klien Blouse: Stein Mart
Blue Pants: Coldwater Creek
I really love the summer sales more than any other time of year…because I not only find great prices on summer clothes, but often find little treasures of fall/winter left over from the previous year.  Also, since my birthday is in the summer, I can go shopping armed with the birthday coupons from various retailers.
In July, I took my birthday coupon to Coldwater Creek in need of pants.  They had advertised LOWEST PRICES OF THE SEASON…which, honestly, I do not trust any longer…because so many retailers advertise lowest prices of the season every other week.   But, Coldwater Creek was true to their words.  I did not have a pair of navy pants and really wanted one, so I bought the one pictured here.  With my coupon, I purchased a dress pant, a pair of dark wash jeans, and a pair of heavier leggings for $60.  I was very happy with these purchases…though many of the experts are telling women over 50 to avoid leggings!!
The bracelet is from Avon, two years ago!
This colorful blouse is Ann Klein and with a coupon I purchased it at Stein Mart for $12!!  It’s a beautiful print of tan, red, pink, purple, navy and black!  I picked up the artsy blue earrings from my favorite re-sale shop, Garment Exchange for $3 a couple of months back.
I Love These!!!

For my favorite retailers, I have signed up for emails and make sure I get their coupons…I rarely shop without them.

By the way, Coldwater Creek presently have 80% off in their outlet,

Does anyone else use coupons for clothes shopping?  Who are your favorite retailers to offer these?
These Seychelles shoes I found at Marshall’s (also two years ago)
are comfortable and I really love them!!


  1. Love the AK blouse – what a great bargain, Pam! And I disagree with the "experts" about leggings for us – we can wear them, especially this fall.
    I love a sale too – thanks for the link to the CC clearance!

  2. I really take issue with "women over 50 can't wear leggings)- good for you for purchasing a pair! There are women in their 20s who shouldn't wear leggings….it's not an age thing, it's a "what looks good on you" thing. I can so see you working the HECK out of a pair of leggings with a long belted sweater and boots this Fall. You look GREAT! Hugs! ~Serene

  3. Fie on those who say women over 50 can't wear leggings! It really depends on your personal style.

    I do use coupons, but don't feel compelled to buy anything I'm not crazy about, just to use the coupon before it expires.

    Those shoes are so cute, great find!

  4. Fabulous bargains, Pam.
    I brought enough stuff from England not to need to go to a shop for a year, LOL.

  5. I love coupons! And I love shopping with birthday money and/or coupons. (Personally, I only get birthday coupons from independent local stores. How do you get on the list for Coldwater Creek coupons???? Do you have to drop a lot of cash there, or just join their mailing list?)

    And kudos to you for flouting the no leggings rule! I haven't worn them in decades, but I've started noticing that they're really cute on others when done correctly. Hope to see yours here, sometime soon! Would love to see how you style them.

  6. dON'T YOU LOVE THOSE EARRRINGS!!(stupid caps lol)
    I have about 4 pair,each a bit different, 2 black, 1 green, 1 brownish. Always get a compliment!
    They are kinda boho/gypsy/indian?
    I also like your shoes. I can't find a great pointy-toed flat that doesn't make my feet look long and giant!
    I am trying to avoid the end-of-season sales, though it is really tough!

  7. I use coupons from Chico's all the time. Coldwater Creek not so much any more. We don't have a lot of the really cool stores here.
    I love Ann Klein blouses. I have several that I wear a lot in the fall and winter.
    As to leggings-the experts also say plus size women shouldn't wear them, but I think they can look good on some women.
    You look great today! I love those shoes.

  8. $12 for the AK blouse is a definite bargain. Way to be a great shopper! I never use clothing coupons – I'm not sure why, because I'm incredibly cheap and thrifty.

  9. Looks like you scored, Pam! You are such a good shopper! I never seem to get the coupon thing right! wrong week, wrong sale–you get the idea.
    You know I love leggings and glad to see you are with me on that one!

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