From Dressing Room to The Closet: Still Using the Foundational Five

Jacket: Dress Barn
Tribal Cami: Chico’s
Denim Skirt: Lane Bryant
When I shared my new shopping system with you in July,The Over50Feeling40 Foundational Five
 , it was received so well across the blogosphere.  Many bloggers mentioned the system and our local newspaper even surprised me by running the original post in the print edition of the paper!!
Purchased this bracelet last fall during San Antonio Fashion Week!
The intention is to help me create my own personal style and to help me make fewer mistakes on the purchasing end, and it appears to have helped others as well.  So, I wanted to let you know that I also ask myself the same questions when styling a look for work.  Please remember, each individual determines their personal, foundational five…some bloggers even came up with seven or a different system all together.  Mine just happen to be:
1.       Do I feel strong, empowered in the total look?
2.       Do I feel classic, sophisticated in the total look?
3.       Do I feel like it flatters my body and fits appropriately?
4.       Do I feel appropriately youthful in the look?
5.       Does the total look feature my creativity?
Headband: Simply Vera at Kohl’s
Watch: Target
Turquoise Hoops: Lane Bryant
Vintage Shoes: Garment Exchange ($3!)
and a touch of creativity!!
If I can answer a resounding YES to all of these questions….then it is a keeper for me.   Right before I settled on this outfit….I put together three other styles, and they all three flunked the test.  This one was a keeper!!  My intention is to enjoy my days wearing styles I feel comfortable and confident in…so much better than regrets!!
Does anyone have personal guidelines for their work wear they would like to share????
YES!!! to all FIVE!!


  1. This is great on you! Again, the shorter skirt really works! I have a lot of wiggle room with what I wear to work. Honestly, modesty is more important to me than WHAT I wear.

    Your comment on my blog was so sweet Pam. I really appreciate that! I love all my kids with all my heart. It's just that my daughter is…..well……my DAUGHTER. I was my mom's only girl also. It's special. Definitely let's be there for each other! Big hug and lot's of love to you! ~Serene

  2. I love this look! I have 2 days in my work week that I can wear skirts. You all have inspired me to try wearing them as stylish statements rather than using them as long cover ups for my knobby knees.

  3. You look absolutely amazing! When I saw that bracelet I almost fell out of my chair. How beautiful is that? I don't think I have any piece that fantastic in my collection.
    What a wonderful compliment to your F5 that it was published in a newspaper! I love your blog and your style.

  4. Pam, We are truly weight loss sisters! I really don't abide by rules when I shop other than quality and fit.
    I rarely buy a complete outfit at one time.
    That's why thrifting is so fun. I'll buy something thinking it would go with this skirt or jacket…….Then get it home and it's like a magic fairy wand was waved now it goes perfectly with something totally different.
    I agree with the above statements. The whole outfit is perfect……….Especially the bracelet

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