My Very Visible Team!

Ralph Lauren Jacket: Macy’s
Gaby T Eden Blouse: Stein Mart
I wanted to lead off today paying tribute to the inventor of air conditioning!   In my town on Saturday, we broke a record with 106….on Sunday with 113…and Monday is predicted to be pretty much the same.  To say I am tired of this is a big understatement….I have never been so ready for a change of seasons.   But, I discovered that there was a team of individuals from ancient Romans to Benjamin Franklin to Stuart W. Cramer who made significant discoveries which eventually resulted in the wonderful air conditioning that Texans rely on the majority of the days of our lives.
Just like it took a team for cooling success, it takes a team to bring ideas to this blog that women of a certain age can enjoy.  So, today, I am once again featuring the looks of Gigi and Mrs. Joy who also believe as I believe….you feel more joyful and hopeful if you look your best every day!!  Both of these beautiful ladies are empty nesters like myself and wear beautiful smiles as their best accessory!!   Fashion is teamwork every day….it takes a team of designers, retailers, marketers, communicators, photographers, and stylists….to help all of us be our VISIBLE best.
Mrs. Joy in Dress Barn.
I heard so many compliments to her
last week on this outfit!
I so hope all of you who had a difficult weekend with the hurricane are safe with little property damage.   There are crazy weather extremes happening everywhere and it takes a team for all of us to offer support to one another!  Here’s to teamwork!!
Teamwork: simply stated, it is less me and more we. – Unknown
Cigarette Pant: Stein Mart

Bracelets:  Kohl’s
Ring:  Stein Mart
Hoop Earrings:  Burlington Coat Factory
Shoes:  Target (about three years ago)

Now, please go over to Patti’s site and enjoy the team of bloggers who bring you Visible Monday!


  1. You all look lovely! Thank God for air conditioning. Even in Wisconsin, I depend on it to keep things at a moderate temperature.

  2. You are a lovely group ( team) for certain. Sending hugs your way! You know I hate Hot! Hang in there sweetie. It's been a constant 98 every day the past three days!

  3. Dealing with those kinds of temperatures for weeks on end would be torture for me. Don't know how you keep your sanity!

    You all look fresh and professional, well done!

  4. You all look gorgeous, Pam! I don't know what reserves of energy you call upon for temp's over 110 degrees, but you all pull off great style.

    Thanks so much for participating in Visible Monday, I appreciate you.

  5. Awww, Pamela I like the outfit! 🙂 & Gigi & Mrs. Joy look fantastic!

    Although, seriously, I have always thought Mrs. Joy was soooooo super beautiful.

    Much love to you all!

  6. Ohhhhh, Pam, I am so touched, flattered, appreciative — I don't have the words really. . . You mentioned my blog on TV no less as one of your favorites. Thank you, thank you.

    You look absolutely gorgeous in your picture.

    Has school started for you? You must be an inspiration for your students in your wardrobe choices as well as your lessons.

    Merci mille fois,


  7. Pam, ALL of you look simply GORGEOUS! You don't look melty at all! I don't know how you are standing the heat….if I lived there I'd have myself neck deep in frozen margaritas! (extra salt!) Big hug pretty! ~Serene

  8. All of you ladies look wonderful. Do all the women at your school dress as nicely as you three do?
    It has been horrid hot here too. I think we may end up with the all time hottest summer ever. We are now at the 2nd highest ever and still have possible hot weather for a while. I am just tired of summer this year. I usually love it, but when you have this many over 100 days it is just too much. I cannot imagine how the pioneers managed without even a fan.

  9. OMG! you are so pretty, you should do more close up shots, you are amazing, the ladies are quite stylish as well!

    Ariane xxxxx

  10. My, my, my, do you have one stylish workplace! How could anybody ever get the "Monday blues" with such cheery colors and styles everywhere? I am envious. (And I also think that Stein Mart needs to come up North. Right now!)

  11. You guys are all flat ass gorgeous! Those kids don't stand a chance.
    I agree with needing a team. Sometimes I feel like I need a team to just get up in the morning, then I worry if I have bags under my eyes and oh yeah, the ever popular does this make my butt look big?

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