Tweet This: Baby Boomers Not Afraid of Life Online

Same skirt, different top!  I wore
this skirt last week and am still
picking skirts to stay cool!
Skirt: Lane Bryant
Cardigan: Kohl’s (3 yrs. ago)
Headband: Simply Vera @ Kohl’s

Something that is so great about my generation is that we are really not afraid to do anything.  Baby Boomers are out in the world doing so much…just look at the rock bands which are still on tour to this day!!  (I smile every time Gene Simmons takes the stage!)
Over the weekend, the Pew Internet & American Life Research Project reported American adults, 50 – 64, are online…really online!!  In this study, thirty two percent said they use social networking on a typical day.  The Associated Press reports that figure is up from 20 percent just one year ago.
Shoes: Antonio Melani from Dillard’s
To take it one step further, other than young adults, the most popular social networking is done by women….we are the power users of the Web.  “The report found no significant differences in use of social networks based on race, ethnicity, household income, education level, or whether people live in an urban, rural, or suburban area.”  The majority of participants also said that their experiences with social networking are good.  I know for me, it has been good, but taken time to learn it all…and I am no where close to learning it ALL!  I participate every day….but it has been time consuming to venture too far into new territory…so I applaud those who do it ALL and hope there is an easier way out there in cyberspace to figure out the best paths to take.  For now, it has been fun!
Bracelets…a combo mix from more
than one store
So, how many of you go beyond blogging and either Twitter, Face Book, Tumblr, Linkedin, or all???
Yes…over 50…after a long work week…in 105 degree heat…with
no child of my own on the field…I went to a football game on
Friday night! 


  1. Pam, interesting post! Hopefully, this will direct retailers to see that we're a spending demographic, but much more INFORMED in our spending. I don't see women over 40 blogging about spending $400 on the latest pair of Marc Jacobs shoes. And it's NOT that they can't afford it….it's that they don't NEED it to feel well dressed. I'm on all of the social media you mentioned except Tumblr. I think I have all I can handle just doing what I'm doing! It's OVERWHELMING sometimes! big hug! ~Serene

  2. I think the internet will be such a boon to us as we age to keep us connected with the world. In addition to the blog, I check Facebook a few times a day to see what my family and friends are up to. I'm on Twitter but don't post or look at it much. I just found Pinterest through Lisa at Privilege, and am still exploring there. And I've set up a Tumblr account but haven't done much with it yet. The internet is our oyster!

  3. I have fallen in love with blogging and have met many new and interesting people on twitter. I use face book regularly to connect with friends. But I have so much to learn and it is an ongoing challenge, which is good for my brain. I'm too old to be a baby boomer, but age does not stop me from pursuing new and intriguing experiences that help me stretch and grow.

  4. I have a Facebook account and Twitter. The main reason I have Twitter is because a lot of blogger contests require it. I wish they wouldn't, but I play along. I think I will write more in my blog today about this subject to keep the conversation going from the view of a boomer retiree. This is a wonderful, thought stimulating post.

  5. Love this post 😉 I'm still amazed by my uncle use of internet. I mean he learned to turn a pc at 63. He had never needed to use them for work or something & he'd never been really interested on it. But, two years ago, he found he had a lot of free time for first time of his life & he decide to learn something new. Now, he don't have any problem to manage his pc, but he's not in any social network, he don't like the idea of sharing his life on internet.

  6. Great post and topic, Pam. I feel I have some catching up to do on the networking sites, although I'm pretty comfortable around an iPhone or iPad. I'm not a big fan of Facebook except to check on friends and family events once in a while. But that's not because I'm old! : >

  7. Apart from all of that I do banking, buy and sell on Ebay, and I must say I swim well in the net waters. When in doubt I ask for help.
    I love, love love learning.

  8. I think this is great and i am certainly a web user and have been from the beginning
    Most of my friends are 45-50 and sadly most of them have not embraced the web.
    I try as I might, but they either seem scared, intimitaed or too good for it
    Too bad they don't know what they are missing!

  9. This will make you laugh Pam, my mom, who is 64, is more tech savvy than me, with her iPhone, her Facebooking, etc. She just jumped right in and went for all of it, even more than me, and I'm 42. (Well, I'm getting there, I'm on Twitter now, but I have to think about Facebook some more before I commit). Love those patent shoes. You should submit this post to IFB Links a la Mode. It's a good one.

  10. This is so simple, just a skirt and top, but you look fabulously pulled together.

    I tend to use mostly Facebook and Twitter, but I'm also on G+.

  11. I think I had to set up twitter for my Pandora account, but I never use it. I use facebook and blog- both almost daily, I really don't have time/energy for more. I have a myspace I go on maybe 3x/year, and the same for my linkedin.

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