Dressing for a long day of
seminar means cool, casual.
I opted for white on white with
fun tortise shell accessories.
It was 104 outside!!
When I begin fulltime tomorrow,
the flip flops will stay at home!!
Well, this is it!  May last day to be in control of my own schedule….for me, and many teachers it is BACK TO WORK time.  Summer break is over.   I always have mixed emotions…because I really love teaching.  I am especially inspired to work with my journalism students…we have so much fun producing a product that is more than a high school newspaper.
But during this week’s in-service seminar, I walked upon an interesting “water cooler” discussion between teachers who are a mix of 30- to- 60- somethings.   Their discussion, “WHICH STORE IS BETTER….KOHLS or JC PENNEYS??”  They were looking at cost and style.   There were about eight who entered into the discussion and all of them wanted to avoid frumpy…look professional…and save money.  The winner during this seminar break was…..KOHLS!  The girls liked the variety of styles…the designer offerings…and the many sales and coupon opportunities to save money.

Not alot to say to JCP here…they should
know this is not attractive!!

So, being the diligent little fashion reporter I now am …I decided to hit the field and see what I thought of the new fall line ups in both stores.  I have to agree with the girls…KOHLS wins!  (DISCLAIMER:  I AM GETTING NOTHING FROM KOHLS FOR THIS REVIEW…NOR HAVE I CONTACTED ANYONE FROM KOHLS ABOUT THIS REVIEW!!)
This Apt. 9 dress had great seaming for an
excellent fit..would look good with a fun
cardigan and was on sale for $24 at KOHLS.
All you have to do is first look at the advertising here from a recent JCP circular and you will immediately see there is still a “frumpy problem” though I realize they have worked hard to change their image.  Maybe the image has changed with the younger girls…but not us seasoned ladies.  I found very little to even try on or photograph in the store. 
Purses, jewelry, shoes, scarves, belts.
KOHLS beat JCP with accessories
But, at KOHLS, I tried on several looks…a lot of Dana Buchman and Simply Vera…and purchased one western-style, CHAPS, cardigan for fall at a whopping $18 sale price.  KOHLS, also, won with me in the accessory department. 
Dana Buchman prints are fun and
affordable at KOHLS.
My recommendation is that both stores should follow the Ann Taylor/LOFT example and offer teachers a discount!!  I think it would work well in both venues.
Would anyone here like to join this discussion and weigh in on which major retailer you like the best??
My tortise shell accessories came from CHICOS last summer!

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