Make sure you have leopard in your wardrobe.  That’s what the experts are saying.  Yesterday, the San Antonio Express News fashion section featured leopard, “The jungle never sleeps.  It seems. At least not when it comes to fashion.” (Lead by Molly Glentzer)
According to InStyle currently on the stands, the leopard trend should really NEVER sleep.  They have it listed as one of The 50 Best Fashion Tips of All Time.  Stylist, Rob Zangardi, suggests that every wardrobe should have at least one leopard item, because it is “timeless, racy enough, and always glamorous.”
I love a touch of leopard.  I wore my old flats literally until the backs were too worn to wear…and this summer picked up a pointed toe pair at Goodwill for $2 and found my new Sam Edelman ballet flats on a DSW clearance rack…and I LOVE THEM!  Check out their Fall 2011 collection HERE.  Also, I like the idea of a leopard belt and might have to keep my eyes open for one at a reasonable price.
BTW:  I really love to pair leopard with orange and that is why I pictured the shoes with my favorite orange bag.  I found it about five years ago at Marshall’s.  It was Made in Italy by Roberta Gandolfi and I love the buttery leather.
Last season purchase….a leopard blouse
100% Cotton, CHAPS, @ Kohl’s
If you are shopping for fall this weekend….try on things you normally wouldn’t and have fun!!

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