From Langford Market’s Window to Me!

As the girls window shopped at La Cantera Mall last week, there was only one time I stopped to consider Would That Work for Me?? Pictured here was the window display at Langford Market near the Nordstrom’s end of our outdoor venue. Langford Market is one boutique with reasonable prices on items which look more expensive than they are. In honor of Fashion’s Night Out, they were hosting an awesome sale ….Gigi and I both just had to help the economy (and our closets!)

When I found the jacket displayed on the mannequin, I actually discovered it came in colors which worked better for me. It was a hard decision at first, but I really decided I preferred the smoky blue theme to the mustard yellow theme.

Jacket: Langford Market
Traveler’s Cami: Chicos
JNY Pants: Macy’s
Shoes: Marshall’s
Headband: Target

 I insisted Gigi buy this fabulous blue sweater she is modeling for you here. The shade of blue works beautifully with her skin tones, eyes, and hair. I love it on her. Over the weekend, Gigi discovered a new consignment shop in San Antonio, Serendipity Clothing. She purchased this silky, Stonebridge maxi skirt for just $7! She was also wedding shopping and found a classic dress from Harold’s which has never been worn before…I can’t wait to see it.


I have been anxious to wear this necklace. I found it on a clearance display over the summer at Chico’s and immediately fell in love. With the sale discount and my birthday coupon, I got it for around $15.

Has anyone else ever purchased what you saw in a window display?


  1. You both will make plenty of use for your new items as they are so versatile.I also love the neckless. i'm so much into accessories at the moment.

  2. That jacket is fabulous on you and I'm glad you went with those colors, you already have that great mustard-colored sweater! If I bought anything from a window it would be those plaid Prada dresses from the past two years (so out of my budget) and may I say your friend Eleanor looked AMAZING in both Prada pieces!

  3. Certain stores hire incredible stylists to dress their mannequins. I've been known to buy an entire outfit based on the look they've suggested. It just really depends on if it makes me squeal or not.

    That jacket looks great on you. But what about that headband? That's so cute. I love it. You should wear headbands more often.


  4. i love it when something like that jumps out at you.
    that is what happened this summer with my BR maxi dress.
    i have also been known to go into a store i would never ordinarily go into because i saw somthing on the cover of the catalog.

  5. It's tough for me to choose between the mustard version of the sweater and the one you picked. I like them both! I usually get drawn into a store based on the window, but I can't think of any specific time when I actually bought the exact item in the display.

  6. I looked to see if Lise had replied because Lise is NOTORIOUS for buying whatever is on the mannequin! Usually, when we leave a place, they have to redress the windows because Lise has bought whatever was there!! LOL

    You both look great and that's a fab necklace!

  7. Oh my, I love this jacket on you. It is so unique! I love things that are unique, but rarely come across them. I like it a lot in the mustard colorway as well. After seeing you in your golden sweater, I have been searching for something in that color. Gigi looks so pretty in her outfit.
    I don't think I have bought anything off a mannequin, except jewelry!

  8. Hey beautiful lady!! how exciting to have a new consignment store in town!! I love consignment stores, always so many awesome treasures!! I havent bought something I have seen in a window display, not that I havent wanted to but usually they say " you cant have that until XX date.. and then I end up forgetting to go back and get it!! LOL

    hope you have a super awesome day!! you are looking really great!! xoxo J

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