Denim Shirt: WalMart
JNY White Shirt: Burlington Coat
Lauren Pants: Macy’s
Shoes: Target
Earrings & Belt: Stein Mart

There are a few myths about the Empty Nest! For example, I was told that I would be bored…that my life would be painfully quiet. While I miss my children so much that sometimes it brings me to tears, my life is definitely not slower. In fact, I am just as busy if not busier. Maybe it’s because now I have time for Zumba classes…going to more fashion events for the blog…and going out more with friends. Whatever the reason, life is not a snooze.

This leads me to a BIG lesson I have learned over time….if I shop on the run, I will almost always make a mistake. In order to shop productively, I need to give it time. I must try on garments….I must think through my foundational five…I must ponder if the item is really a resounding YES! or just a maybe….I must remember if I already own something like it…and is it really a cost effective purchase. In a hurry, I almost always ignore part of the process. This lack of skillful decision- making always leads me back to the store inevitably returning something.

One last note….shopping in thrift, consignment, Ross, Marshall’s, TJ MAXX, and retailers like these, always requires more time and thought for me. There is so much more to look over and consider. But, I believe looks like the one I have on today are possible when I take the time to carefully shop. You are looking at a combination of WalMart, Target, Burlington Coat Factory, Stein Mart, and Macy’s!!

Is there anyone out there who believes you shop best in a hurry?

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