Shopping In A Hurry….Avoid It!

Denim Shirt: WalMart
JNY White Shirt: Burlington Coat
Lauren Pants: Macy’s
Shoes: Target
Earrings & Belt: Stein Mart

There are a few myths about the Empty Nest! For example, I was told that I would be bored…that my life would be painfully quiet. While I miss my children so much that sometimes it brings me to tears, my life is definitely not slower. In fact, I am just as busy if not busier. Maybe it’s because now I have time for Zumba classes…going to more fashion events for the blog…and going out more with friends. Whatever the reason, life is not a snooze.

This leads me to a BIG lesson I have learned over time….if I shop on the run, I will almost always make a mistake. In order to shop productively, I need to give it time. I must try on garments….I must think through my foundational five…I must ponder if the item is really a resounding YES! or just a maybe….I must remember if I already own something like it…and is it really a cost effective purchase. In a hurry, I almost always ignore part of the process. This lack of skillful decision- making always leads me back to the store inevitably returning something.

One last note….shopping in thrift, consignment, Ross, Marshall’s, TJ MAXX, and retailers like these, always requires more time and thought for me. There is so much more to look over and consider. But, I believe looks like the one I have on today are possible when I take the time to carefully shop. You are looking at a combination of WalMart, Target, Burlington Coat Factory, Stein Mart, and Macy’s!!

Is there anyone out there who believes you shop best in a hurry?


  1. I am glad that my girl are gone and finding their own way in the wold, and as you say life is good with and without you. it is what you make of it.
    Much love, my friend.

  2. I shouldn't shop when I am bored….I will then buy somehting just b/c I want SOMETHING. I get home and then end up returning it. If I shop on my lunch hour I usually don't try on and that means a lot of returns too. I like the denim shirt over the white one. I don't own a white shirt (other than tees) anymore b/c I think they make me look too big. I do like it styled under another jacket tho.

  3. I almost always shop in a hurry, for a specific item. I rarely "window" shop. Since I am on a mission I don't often pick up extraneous things I don't need.

    You look great' really put together!


    Art by Karena

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  4. Yes, it's always worth spending a bit more time when shopping for clothes. Whenever I visit my brother in NYC I have to do a big recce, check everything out first, mull it over and then come back and try on my favourite bits & pieces.

  5. you are looking very chic
    i have to say that shopping in a hurry is not a good idea, but i have actually made a couple of good decisions doing that
    i think it is more the just get it and not ponder over it so much i talk myself out of it lol

  6. I rarely shop in a hurry except at the grocery store. I HATE grocery shopping unless it's the international foods section of Cost Plus. TJMaxx is one of myfavorite places, becasue despite planning, etc, Ialways overbuy. After a 24-hour period of..buyer's remorse, I almost always return an extra shirt, or morrocan lantern, or something. But when myteen daughters need last minute b-day gifts, you can ALWAYS dash in and scoop upa very high-end perfume and scarf at a great price…OK, I could go on, but just suffice it to say, ILOVE your blog! And being over 50 only sucks because I didn't know it could be this good!
    Cheers —

  7. I do have more time to shop now and I think it is more fun. I think I do better when I am not in a hurry. If I am in a hurry, I have a tendency to buy things just because they are bargains–which they really aren't they are just inexpensive. I have finally convinced myself that I can get one good thing if I leave behind the three "bargains."
    You look so good in this outfit. I really like the way you turned up your sleeves. It looks so stylish! If you ever decide to part ways with that gorgeous bracelet I would dearly love it! WOW what a stunning piece it is.

  8. Shopping does take time….. but I am sometimes amazed at how efficient I can be in a short time. Maybe because it forces me to focus? Or maybe because I just never have long blocks of time available. I do find that, if I have too MUCH time, I get exhausted and burned out and discouraged that I've found nothing. Sometimes that is when I make mistakes.

  9. my problem when I shop in a hurry — is I come out with a lot of stuff that probably fits pretty well, but nothing is really ooh or ahhh … I don't really regret it but it's nothing to write home about either.

  10. Thrift shopping definitely takes an unhurried mindset. I know this wedding has made me feel pressured to buy at times…and because I'm not willing to spend hours racing all over KC looking for the exact item (a red clip-on tie? an ascot?), I will often purchase (and spend more) and save myself the time. In short, my time is more valuable than my money.

  11. Totally agree. I almost never buy something the first time I see it ,unless I utterly love it & it fits perfectly, that doesn't happen often.Instead, if after some days, I still think that I need that garment, I come back & buy it. For sure, I've lost some good bargains & I also avoid a lot of bag buys.

  12. with the minis, i'm always shopping in a hurry..on lunch breaks, sneaking in a stop on the way home from work…and i think i'm pretty good about making purchases on the fly. i know what i'm looking for and i'm an in-out type of shopper! black and white, yes or no. i do love the browse and shop if i ever have the time, but i think i tend to make more lukewarm purchases that way.

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