In the early 1990s a friend of mine had traveled to Phoenix and shopped at a store she loved called Chico’s.  It was not long before a location opened in San Antonio at the new Quarry Market, which was literally fashioned from an old quarry, (the original smokestacks are famous in town), and my sweet friend said, “Get your purse, we have to go!!”
I have always loved the details!
This look was one of my first purchases at Chico’s during that time and was part of the Traveler’s collection.  I have not worn the skirt in maybe two years, but was drawn there today.  I do not think I would ever toss this skirt…I love it too much!  One reason I wore this outfit yesterday, was I had to work in the parking lot after school…yes, in the hot sun…to make certain none of our high school darlings run over any of the middle or elementary school darlings!!  This outfit is so light and airy…perfect for a hot summer day!
Bracelet: Also, vintage Stein Mart
Necklace: Chico’s last year
I try to be very careful when deciding what I will hang on to and what I will toss.  This is one of the ones I will always hang on to…..the beading on the skirt, the colors, and the fit just work.  I know it is long, but the length works for me…I actually find it to be an elegant touch.

Do any of you have items that you will hang on to no matter what happens?

The Alamo Quarry Market in San Antonio!!

The Parking Lot Duty was hot….but I have to admit
the sky can still be pretty! 
Happy September 1….fall is almost here!!

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