Silk Jacket: Chico’s
Calvin Klein Shirt with Bling: Marshall’s
Capri Pants: Talbots
Steve Madden Purse: Marshall’s
(Sorry about the capris AGAIN,
but Monday it was 110,
and yesterday 107)  I long to
wear my long pants comfortably!
Twice in the last two months, life has demanded my attention.  I already shared with you my allergic reaction which found me later that night in the emergency room with little ability to breathe.  But, then came this past Monday morning.  Every morning for me is clockwork….I rise at the same time…leave at the same time…turn contemporary Christian music on my radio…and begin to pray in between home and school.  I stop at the same lights…see the same runners…grimace at the same road construction…same old…same old.  Monday I was first at the light of an access road to one of our major freeways, praying and thinking of my freshman in college.  I really became involved in specific prayers for his first day…so much so that I hesitated when the light turned green and I did not go right away.  Just as I caught the green glow in my eye and moved my foot toward the accelerator, a speeding blur of a pickup truck appeared before me running the red light at a high rate.  If I had reacted and moved forward one second earlier, I would not be here to write this post.  It was chilling.
$4 Scarf at Walmart
Guess Flats with Bling: Marshall’s
Ring & Earrings: Stein Mart
Bracelet: Garment Exchange
Both of these instances have reminded me that life is a gift each and every day.   A gift to be enjoyed…not wasted…used to its fullest…with no time for whining….no time for worrying…no time for putting off. 
Today is the day to
wear clothes that
make you
It’s a time to eat on the fine china….use the expensive perfume….carry the designer handbag…plant the flowers you have always wanted…pursue the dreams you have previously believed impossible…change the furniture in your house…paint the walls new colors…go on the trip you’ve been waiting for the right time to take…learn to experience massage…maybe even, dare I say it, get a small tattoo in a place only you and your significant other knows of….and, yes, as I have done today, have the courage to wear some BLING!!   Because, each day is a gift….we choose to keep it wrapped on a shelf or we choose to open it and ENJOY!
Do you have a bucket list you would care to share with the rest of us??

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