Trying to MAKE IT WORK!
with a menswear look
today! The pinstiped pants
are a little big…but

There is an interesting new mentor for teachers….Tim Gunn of Project Runway!  I am on a listserv of journalism teachers and this was one of the recent comments prompting a lengthy discussion:
 “So… one of the authorities on the show, Tim Gunn, walks around and helps fashion designers make their projects as good as they can be. Sometimes the projects – constrained by numerous obstacles and criteria chosen by the judges – are quite bad. Sometimes barely even salvageable. The way Tim Gunn goes about assisting his designers is really remarkable and has made me reconsider the questioning techniques I use during whole-group and one-on-one conversations in my classroom and journalism lab.  Tim Gunn asks open-ended questions that encourage his “students” to think deeper about the work they’re doing. Sometimes he intentionally angers his students. Sometimes he intentionally stumps them. The questions he asks are never closed-ended or leading, and his curiosity is honest. Sometimes he’ll weigh in with an opinion, but he more often stifles his own opinion in favor of questions that provoke his students into rethinking, reconsidering, and revising.  Tim Gunn knows the teacher’s role in conversation is not just one of Devil’s Advocate, but also one of attempted neutrality. When it comes to questioning my students and reporters about their various projects and pages, I want to be more like Tim Gunn.”
Thinking through his comments!
After watching every season of Project Runway, I would agree that Tim Gunn is an excellent teacher.  Unfortunately, he is limited on his teaching abilities within the show, because he cannot help the contestants….he can only probe in such a way as to send them off to find the right answers.  I am still amazed at how many will not listen to him, but, such is the plight of a teacher.  I love to force my students to completely think through a situation.  Personally, I find that the Internet has made the younger generation a bit lazy….why think, why work harder….the computer will do it for you.  We need more Tim Gunn moments when they can see that the process and the decisions are major components of the product.
Thoughtful consideration before speaking!
My outfit is all older Lane Bryant.  I haven’t pulled these pieces
from the back of the closet in a long time.

Even the flower is Lane Bryant.  The necklace is a jewelry store
from my husband this past summer.

I love this Dana Buchman bracelet from Kohl’s last year.  I really
like the geometric feel it has.  The belt is my pop of color in an
outifit which resembles old style gangsters!!

My $2 recent shoe purchase from Goodwill.  These Target shoes
were brand new.

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