Cardigan: Jana Kos Fall 2011 Collection
Simply  Vera Top: Kohls
Blue Pant: Coldwater Creek
Shoes: Old Navy

This weekend I decorated for autumn and sure enough….this morning the temps are in the 60s!!  Amazing!  Now, if we can get some rain clouds, then happy days are here again!
I walked out to the incredible feel of cool weather and the smell of burnt wood.  We had a huge fire on our end of town yesterday which was scary, but contained after hours of work by 30 units of fire fighters.  But, the rest of the state is also burning and a immense fire near Bastrop is not contained and taking house after house with it.  Bastrop had a beautiful state park filled with pine trees and reports tell of these gorgeous, dry trees exploding like small bombs.  Our state is so dry.

The air still smells of burnt wood!
 But, on a happier note and in honor of the cool breezes blowing, I wore a look with a hint of autumn in it!  I really love the color and styling of this Jana Kos cardigan…but the Simply Vera blouse from Kohls is what gives it a pop!  The minute I saw this blouse on sale at Kohl’s, I thought of the saffron cardigan.  So, I grabbed it and ran all over the store looking for the color to hold it up against. Finally, I found a similar color and was satisfied that this would work.  This cardigan has seaming in the front and back which provides a fit like no other cardiagan I have tried on.  I love it.

Love the Fit
Other new breezes blowing through my life include beginning Round Two of the HCG Diet.  Unfortunately, I have gained some of the weight back that I lost, but I am confident I can lose it and more with round two.  It starts today.  I spent yesterday cooking in order to be prepared for the week.  I cooked three fresh vegetable dishes and two meats.  I froze most of it, so that it will not stress me to cook when I come home from work in the afternoons.
The first round I lost 28 pounds with really no exercise program.  This time I am ramping up the exercise.  I walked three mornings this past weekend…and tonight I will go to my first ever ZUMBA session.  We will see if I survive.  I really like my new doctor…she has helped me in so many ways and the ZUMBA exercise class is beginning tonight at her office.  Once a week, we will dance around like crazy and work on ABS.  So, I plan for weekends to be walking; Tuesdays ZUMBA; and the other days stretching and weights with Jane Fonda.

Just a little pattern mixing with the bracelet!
We will see how it goes!  I still have cholesterol issues and I really desire to get down to a 12 or 14 misses size.  That is realistic for me…of course I could dream big for a size 10, but I do not think I have ever been a 10 in my life!  So, if I hit a 12, I would be swinging from Hemisphere Plaza downtown!! Hopefully I can buy a new sweater or two for the upcoming cold weather….(it pays to be optimistic!!)

Does anyone else have new plans for Autumn 2011??


  1. I love that shade of yellow on you. I am so frightened for Texas because of the fires, saw the ones just outside of Bastrop on the news last night. I hope they are under control quickly!

  2. You look wonderful Pam, and I am so happy you got some cooler weather! Now you can enjoy some of the fabulous fall pieces you've had your eye on, and this sweater is one *perfect* piece. Good luck with your healthy exercise plans – I know you can do it!

  3. Lovely outfit! My plans for autumn is to join another weight loss challenge and continue getting this excess weight off. I originally lost 83 and put every darn bit of it right back on! Anyway, I've been cooking in the crock pot but it hasn't been successful in getting our temps in the 60s…we're still in the upper 80s. But I am NOT discouraged, I will continue doing 'fall' things to coax the season to come forth! LOL

  4. That cardi is super cute. And I love the Vera Wang blouse. You know, I haven't been back to Kohl's since my horrible waiting in line for an hour experience. Sounds like your Kohl's is more organized.


  5. We have fire issues around this time of the year ,here in Greece, too. And I have issues with my weight ,too .What i don't have is discipline to walk away from tasty ,fatty food .On to the cardi ,now. It's bright and it looks comfy and it can be remixed in many ways and it's classy.

  6. Pam, you look absolutely smashing in this outfit. I love the color of the cardigan and it looks so perfect for you.
    I feel so sorry for all the people who have lost their homes. Such utter devastation.
    Good luck on Zumba. I tried it and decided I liked yoga better. If they had a Zumba Gold (which is for older people) I would probably go. But the 20 something that taught our class was brutal. It was fun, but I need something that has more repetition and is easier to follow.

  7. Hi Pam ! getting cooler here as well but i love fall! This fall i have 2 yoga classes and i want to do a huge painting for our bedroom! you look great as usual you are so pretty Pam! I have gain weight as well, i have to work on loosing the extra pounds!

    Ariane xxxx

  8. Gosh, I hope your state gets rain very soon. All those fires burning around there is quite scary and sad. Hopefully with Fall will come some rain your way.

    I love your cardi and top. You look fabulous & very ready for Fall. We got some cooler temps here in KY too and I'm loving it. Fall is my fave time of the year.

    Good luck on your diet. You can do it I'm sure! I really need to put a Fall diet into my plans but do you know how yummy Fall food is? Ha Ha- that is my excuse anyway.

    Hope your week is fantastic!

  9. It's hard to diet during the summer. Now that you're back at work sticking to the routine will be easier. Just watch out for weekends! You can spend the entire week working off weekend treats only to start all over again with a new weekend.

  10. The cardigan that you are wearing is one of my favorite colors and it looks beautiful on you. Hoping the fires in your area come to a swift end and congratulations on your exercise plan; sounds like a good one.

  11. I love this mustard cardigan. It's one of my favorite things that I've seen you wear lately, and it looks lovely on you. I'm glad that your temperatures have dropped a bit!

  12. I love that jacket and top together… so cheery!

    I also need to ramp up the exercise now that I'm nicely mending. I check the group exercise schedule at the Y (which I've been paying for but not using lately) and am going to spend the next couple weeks trying out classes to see what I like/can handle.

    I've been living like veal for over six months now, so this should be ugly!

  13. First of all, you look amazing, Pam! I love that yellow cardi!

    I am hoping to have a new job soon – I need to be in an environment where I feel welcome and valued. Where I am now is crushing my spirit and my creativity. Not good. But I am trying to stay positive!

  14. That color of yellow looks great on you! Good luck with the exercise … make sure that it's something you love to do, and then you will keep doing it.

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