Gigi and I spent the weekend preparing for VISIBLE MONDAY by getting up close and personal with the “W” Fall and Winter Collections. “W” is a bridge-line division of Worth which was started two years ago in answer to the economy and features wonderful pieces in a price range from $68 to $548.

The same power house sales team you have seen featured here selling Jana Kos is selling the “W” line…you might recognize the home décor. We were pleased to see seven racks packed with beautiful pieces which are perfect for several lifestyles, but I think particularly great for professional women. We found fabulous knits…appropriate bling…flattering seaming…and eye-catching textiles.

The line’s motto is “Empowering Women through Style” and I will confirm that I felt empowered in many of the outfits I tried on. So many fun jackets, capes, sweaters, and knits….bring on the cooler weather. I am running into more and more women who like this personal, in-home sales touch. This type of shopping also provides a way to look different from others who are hitting the same shops in the mall. I have been really impressed with this particular group of sales associates and how they are putting San Antonio on the map with personal shopping success.

My favorite jacket in a plaid
featuring RAISIN one of
my favorite colors!

For those interested in “W” check out this W website and for those interested in visibility check out Patti’s Site (Anyone in San Antonio, can call 210-822-7572 for your own up close and personal look!!)

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