Spirit Friday!
We wear our school spirit shirts
on Fridays,
so I thew on a fitted jacket and
few accessories to make it
look at little more fashion
It’s Visible Monday…..but my vision has been filled with new hope of autumn around the corner.  This story begins on Saturday as I stood eyeing the autumn decorations in all of their bronze glory on the shelves of Marshall’s.  A hassled woman, sweating profusely from the 102 weather outside, brushed by me and said in true Ebeneezer fashion, “Why are you looking at that stuff…its brutal outside…over 100 again.”    I looked back and said, “EXACTLY!  It is brutal outside and I am tired of it…tired of sun, heat, blue sky, and day after day the same pattern.  So, I am going to decorate my house for fall NOW!”  She said, “Well, I hope you don’t feel foolish in a couple of months when everything is still the same!”
I walked outside, and in the parking lot
I saw these acorns in an oak tree…VISIBLE
proof that autumn will come despite the heat!
You know, I have come to understand that there is a naysayer, a Debbie Downer in every crowd.  Keep in mind, I did not know this woman….she just chose to bless me with her presence because I was looking at autumn and she was hot.  But, I did not let her discourage me….I came home without new decorations, but determined to put up my old ones a full month earlier than I usually do. 
Yes, I love country decorations and my home
has the country/hill country feel to it! For me and
my family, it feels like home.
It has helped my state of mind so much!!  I am glad I did this and I think I will begin in small ways to transition my wardrobe to fall this week.  We are expected to have a COOL FRONT TODAY!!  That means that the highs this week might be in the 90s ….wooo hooo!!
Now, I will share some of my decorations and then hop over to Patti’s Visible Monday and check out the other girls!
The China Cabinet in the breakfast room
The porch outside of my bedroom
The fireplace mantel in the family room….it felt so good to
take down the oil painting with the bluebonnets and the clear
blue sky.  I so long for clouds!!
Near the backdoor

Kitchen bar area…the acorn has a scented candle in
Breakfast area looking toward the parched backyard.
The drought just made it hard to have the mega-flowers
we usually plant.

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