Visible Hope of Autumn to Come!

Spirit Friday!
We wear our school spirit shirts
on Fridays,
so I thew on a fitted jacket and
few accessories to make it
look at little more fashion
It’s Visible Monday…..but my vision has been filled with new hope of autumn around the corner.  This story begins on Saturday as I stood eyeing the autumn decorations in all of their bronze glory on the shelves of Marshall’s.  A hassled woman, sweating profusely from the 102 weather outside, brushed by me and said in true Ebeneezer fashion, “Why are you looking at that stuff…its brutal outside…over 100 again.”    I looked back and said, “EXACTLY!  It is brutal outside and I am tired of it…tired of sun, heat, blue sky, and day after day the same pattern.  So, I am going to decorate my house for fall NOW!”  She said, “Well, I hope you don’t feel foolish in a couple of months when everything is still the same!”
I walked outside, and in the parking lot
I saw these acorns in an oak tree…VISIBLE
proof that autumn will come despite the heat!
You know, I have come to understand that there is a naysayer, a Debbie Downer in every crowd.  Keep in mind, I did not know this woman….she just chose to bless me with her presence because I was looking at autumn and she was hot.  But, I did not let her discourage me….I came home without new decorations, but determined to put up my old ones a full month earlier than I usually do. 
Yes, I love country decorations and my home
has the country/hill country feel to it! For me and
my family, it feels like home.
It has helped my state of mind so much!!  I am glad I did this and I think I will begin in small ways to transition my wardrobe to fall this week.  We are expected to have a COOL FRONT TODAY!!  That means that the highs this week might be in the 90s ….wooo hooo!!
Now, I will share some of my decorations and then hop over to Patti’s Visible Monday and check out the other girls!
The China Cabinet in the breakfast room
The porch outside of my bedroom
The fireplace mantel in the family room….it felt so good to
take down the oil painting with the bluebonnets and the clear
blue sky.  I so long for clouds!!
Near the backdoor

Kitchen bar area…the acorn has a scented candle in
Breakfast area looking toward the parched backyard.
The drought just made it hard to have the mega-flowers
we usually plant.


  1. I'm so happy that buying the decorations made you feel better! I would probably feel the same way if I were you — I disliked summer when I lived in a hotter, more humid area, too. And your summer has been brutal. Sending cooling thoughts your way!!!

  2. You go, Pam! I think it's a wonderful idea to surround yourself with cool-weather scenes, no matter the temp outside. And it's fun to change the scenery, isn't it?

    Thanks so much for participating in Visible Monday too!

  3. Nice and cool, 'fallish' here, I'd gladly share if I could. I love the basket with the pumpkin and pine cones. I try to avoid those 'Debbie's' if I can….is it so hard to look at the positive side of things???

  4. I love your attitude! I enjoy setting out some gourds and pumpkins, but usually wait until October so they don't go moldy too quickly (we have some dampness here from the ocean, even though our humidity is generally low.) I'm going to plant some chrysanthemums in my outdoor containers later this week.

  5. Being a Debbi, I really don't like the saying "Debbie downer" any more than "Debbie does dallas". (An older man in B&Noble asked me if I was Debbie does Dallas", I was horrified and said NO!) Come on ya'll can't we think of a better downer name like "downer dudette" maybe?
    Anyway, I do love your fall decorating. Your house looks lovely! I really like the elk on your mantle.
    We have had our first cool weather. Oh it is so nice! It is in the 80's. For some that might seem hot, but when you have had over 100 temps, it seems mightly cool!

  6. Pam,
    I did a little fall change out's this weekend too.
    Our cabin has a little front porch and all of the couch covers and cushions got changed to fall colors. It made me happy. I'm actually sitting on said couch right now in a flannel shirt no less.
    The weather in Indiana took a definite change this weekend.
    Your house is lovely and the decorations made me smile.

  7. I'm with you! I took my crock pot out yesterday and cooked with it! I thought that if I started getting ready for autumn, the weather would follow! Your decorations are lovely!

  8. My co-worker in Dallas posted that they'd been able to enjoy their patio for the first time in ages, it was in the 80s. I hope that finds its way to you too!

    Since I segue my Halloween decor into Thanksgiving by removing the Goblins and Witches and sticking in a few Pilgrims I'm holding off on autumn for now. I'll have plenty of time to enjoy it all.

  9. I never thought of decorating for autumn. What a brilliant idea.
    It is difficult to even think of it, still around 33ºc and blue sky since march, but I will start decorating as soon as it gets cooler.
    Brilliant, my dear Pam.

  10. Pam! Good for you!!!! That is FABULOUS! We are having a very rainy day to day and it has the feel of deep fall or early winter. I followed your lead and have just made chocolate mocha brownies and have candles lit all around. Just feels so cozy! Leaf changing hugs to you! ~Serene

  11. Love your fall decoration,it's amazing how do you change small details to make it appropiate for the season. I can say I'm ready for fall clothes, but since we've had fall-like weather in summer, I won't regret to have a few sunny days before real fall.

  12. Your house looks really pretty. I think Fall is my favorite time of the year, especially September. I love pumpkin decorations. Orange is such a rich color…
    Today, it's suddenly cold here in Tn. I wanted my daughter wear her sweatpants, but she refused saying they are not fancy. I think I'm raising a monster 😉 lol
    Finally, I persuaded her to wear gray sweatpants (I told her they match her silver glitter shoes).

  13. Grrr… why do people have to butt in with such negative opinions? Haha. Oh well, I do understand the love of fall, which I share. It's just that I wish up here in the far north we had a few more weeks of beach weather! It's already only 56 degrees today!

  14. Everything just looks so festive! We suddenly have 70 degree temperatures here and have windows open. I hope the 90 degree weather offers some relief.

    I know about the high temps. I've been trying to shop wedding garb and can only last for one store or two before I feel too sweaty to try things on.

  15. ok i am cracking up that the lady told you she hoped you didn't feel foolish for decorating
    that is insane! who are you going to look or feel foolish in front of??!!
    i am pining away for fall as well, and will probably start pulling out fall things next week.
    still chuckling over you encounter with debbie downer

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