Dress Your Countenance With: #3 Dreams

Light was not great in Gigi’s room!
Black sweater: Lane Bryant
Pewter Knit Sweater:  Jennifer Lopez
at Kohls
Ralph Lauren Denim Skirt: Macys
Spanx Tights: Nordstroms

“If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.” – Henry David Thoreau

Dream Big….in America we hear this message over and over again. I am certain the idea of dreaming big, especially later in life, may frustrate some of you, but Thoreau actually has the right message. If we dream big, we are likely to hit close to the dream we are seeking if not right on the bulls eye. However, if we do not dream at all, then we will hit exactly where we are aiming….nothing.

Earrings:  Stein mart

Is it too late after 50? Is it too late after 50 in a suffering economy? Absolutely, NO! I like to operate on a “NO EXCUSES Policy”….this is how I run my classroom. High school students will whine and invent every excuse in the book why something cannot be accomplished…..so I just choose not to accept the excuses. I have learned personally the dangers of allowing excuses to be in control in contrast to the small successes which can result from dreaming big. I also understand that some of you may have gone after your dreams and hit a wall…I would like to encourage you to keep at it…do not be discouraged, get up and keep going.

I am certain there will be readers who say that it does no good at all to dream big….nothing will happen…it only happens to the privileged…or those with “family” money…and today’s world does not support new dreams. I would like to challenge you to PROVE IT! Give everything you have to a dream and in a couple of years if you truly gave it all and absolutely nothing beneficial happened then I give you permission to get in my face and say I TOLD YOU SO!!

Sam Edelman Ballet Flats: DSW

I submit that if you give it everything, you will meet with some semblance of “a success unexpected.” (Thanks, Henry David)

For the most part, I am still really impressed with
the Jennifer Lopez Collection at Kohls.
Now, there is a woman who dreamed BIG!

“Dreams are the stuff of which leaders are made. If you don’t dream, your leadership is seriously limited. I have a close friend who leads an organization that is admired and appreciated by many. He sets aside one day every month to do nothing but pray and dream. I am not surprised that his organization is considered a pacesetter.” – Chuck Swindoll

It is actually a dream that I would one
day write about encouragement for women!
 See, anything can happen!!


  1. My family and I came to America with two cats and fifty dollars. Through a lot of hard work and sacrifice, my parents were able to accomplish their dream of seeing me fully educated, and to send me off as a first generation college student.

    I LOVE DREAM BIG POSTS. you're the best. much love!

  2. Great inspiration, Pam. Now I am dreaming of making a way to love part-time in NYC. It will take a lot of work, but I have the dream and the drive : >

    Love the look, esp your gray cocoon sweater – so cozy and chic.

  3. DEAREST!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU ARE A HIGH SCHOOL TEACHER? I am a fourth grade French teacher and let me tell you, I am only there because of BIG DREAMS!!! SO GOOD TO KNOW you are a fellow educator who not only teaches subject matter, but LIFE MATTER! ROCK ON and I am over 50 and feeling GGGGGGGGOOOOOOOOODDDDDD!!!

    Love those shoes…and your ring! Anita

  4. Pam, Oh this post just makes my heart sing! YES! DREAM BIG!!! At any age!!!!
    Look at me – 43 and finally finding myself! Seriously – A BOOK! ME!?
    And yes , dear friend … You are encouraging women, with EVERY single word you write. Please don't stop!
    Love this!
    Also – I am working on how to save and record our show. I do believe I can get it on itunes. My son is helping me with that and I will keep you posted!
    Have a pretty day!

  5. Pam, this is such a wonderful post. I love to dream big even if some of them don't come true. It is just fun to dream. From dreams come inspiration. At one time, I never thought I would be able to go to college. At age 41, I started working for my college degree and received it at age 46. I could've said I was too old to do it, but I didn't. If you never dream it, it will most likely never be.
    Love the pewter knit sweater, it looks so good on you.

  6. Pam i dream all the time! this is what keeps us alive – were would be the human race without dreams… Love you Pam you are one terrific lady! you are the first blogger who put me on her blog list and because of you i have met some fabulous ladies, i never thought it would happened, it was a dream and it happened!

    Ariane xxxxx

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