Dress Your Countenance With: #2 Value

Value: Relative worth, merit, or importance

Trials and Adversity: Will they make us or break us? ….is always the question…and over time I have observed that one of the first casualties during a trial…when things are beginning to crumble… is our sense of value.

We so often allow circumstances and other people to define our sense of worth; but, the truth is that every single person has value. We should not need validation of it. It is something we should be confident to possess and understand that only we can give it away. Now, I understand our gifts, talents, education, and experience have different values in the market place. However, if we believe in our value and walk confidently with it, then we are much more likely to convince a future employer they have a need for us. We must believe completely in what we have to offer…what makes us special and unique.

Cardigan: Ann Taylor
Print Cami: Avenue
Scarf: Marshalls
Lee Black Jeans: Kohls
Miss Bison Flats: Consignment Shop

I am often saddened by women who have given up on their value. Currently, our school is in a battle with a men’s nightclub. When they opened the club, they were within the law. But, since opening, they have decided to become a topless club. The local law says they must be 1000 feet or over from a school in order to operate this way…they are 700 feet from the school. One of our local television news crews went in under cover and shot some revealing pictures of the dancers. All I could think about while watching this footage was how sad I am for these young girls who have no value. Who knows what they could accomplish in the world if they thought more about themselves.

Pearl BraceletL Silver Dollar City, Branson MO
Ring:  Stein Mart

Are you struggling today with a lack of value? Just for starters write down a full page of what makes you special and focus on it every day…until you internalize it. That’s a beginning.  The next step is believing in your value…believing that no one is a mistake.  Also, once you give up on self worth…you can get it back.  If you want more details on this subject, just send me an email, I would love to discuss it with you!!

No trial…no battle…no hardship is worth giving over our value.

The cami and scarf were on clearance racks in different stores…marked
significantly down…but they have great value to me…two of
my favorites!

After I wrote this post a couple of days ago, I saw that Une Femme also penned a piece about value (the day after)….the value of possessions specifically…so I wanted to share the link with you, because it is excellent!


  1. Thank you, Pam! It's so true that we need to value ourselves and always remember what a priceless gift to the world we each have the power to be.

    That scarf is absolutely gorgeous, and you just glow in those colors!

  2. Pam–I can see you have come a long way from the verbal abuse of your past–and now an inspiration to women who need to find value. I saw Pseu's post and thought that was great too!
    Great scarf–so cheery

  3. This post and Deja's are wonderful tonic for our self esteem. We have value just because we exist! You're as lovely inside as outside, Pam, and I adore your posts.

  4. Thank you for this thoughtful post. I did devalue myself in recent years, for lots of understandable reasons, but you're absolutely right you can reclaim value. In my case blogging and embarking on a style quest has helped considerably.

  5. Inspiring as always, and dressed to support your discussion of self worth. I have also found that allowing myself to accept the sadness and pain of loss enhances the experience of joy. The full range of human emotions adds to the vitality of life and the exploration of our inner sense of value.

  6. Very inspiring post.
    I remember a What Not to Wear episode where the girl had been a stripper. It was wonderful to see her regain her sense of self worth by dressing well. I know from experience what it is like to have someone tell you that you aren't capable of doing anything right. You can let it defeat you or make you stronger to prove you can do it.

  7. You are so kind, Pam, to reach out to your readers in this way. We all have our struggles! And depending on others for our sense of worth can be such a trap. Thanks for the reminder.

  8. Great post Pam, I love how you are so reflective… and pose some really good questions on here! And you have a beautiful scarf on today too 🙂
    xo J

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