Brown Cardigan:  Chicos
Red Cami: Chicos
Print Blouse: Foleys
Lauren Jeans Skirt: Macys
Brown Tights: Lane Bryant
Leopard Flats: Targer

If you just look at the items around my home, you will see how much I am attracted to brown and red together! I am drawn to patterns and prints where brown with a pop of red are the predominant scheme.

I guess that is why I have kept today’s blouse in my closet for so long. Years ago we had a retailer in town named Foley’s which has since been purchased by Macy’s. Foley’s had the most phenomenal, RED APPLE SALES….a one day sale where they put out their lowest prices. I bought this blouse there for only $13.00 and though it is a little loose now…I still love it. I always put much thought into what will stay in my closet and what will go. There are items which get quickly circulated through a thrift or consignment shop…or sometimes donated. However, I have several pieces I could see hanging on to as long as I have a closet on this earth. I actually have a jacket I wear every winter which I purchased in my 20s in Las Vegas….but it withstands time!

Bracelet: Langford Market

What is the oldest piece of clothing in your closet that you still wear now??

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