Autumn officially blew in overnight….and the next few days are predicted to be very seasonal. I cannot tell you how happy that makes me. So, in order to brighten up the middle of your week, I present a tribute to my absolute favorite autumn color….ORANGE. But , not just any orange. The shade I love is actually called burnt orange….and is NOT the light, bright pumpkin orange. Mine is more of a warm, toasty, deep orange.  I suppose the love of this shade is in my makeup, because it is one of the school colors for the University of Texas in Austin…my alma mater!!  Hookem Horns!

Brown jacket: Stein Mart
Peacock, Nicole Miller, Scarf: Stein Mart
Orange Sweater: Ross, $5!
Larry Levine Trousers: Marshalls
Leather Headband: Target

Some “experts” say that wearing orange will make you feel energetic and creative….I will go with that…I just happen to feel both today! And, I am pleased to have a great problem right now…all of my brown pants are too big, so I wanted to wear these once before they just got too big to even put on!! I took my other pair to consignment. What is crazy about the pair of pants I have on today is that I have owned them for four years and this is the only time I have worn them….took the tags off this morning.

Bracelet:  Kohls

Four years ago, I found this suit on a rack in Marshalls on clearance for $30. The suit jacket (also in the plaid) was an incredible fit with quality tailoring. I have literally worn it out.  At thirty dollars, I thought it was a an excellent price for such a great fitting jacket (though the pants were too small.) They have hung in my closet so long that I forgot about them.

When I put them on last night, I was so pleased to discover that now they are too big….a saggy bottom is hiding back there, and I won’t show it!! We will see if I wear them again, but hopefully I will continue to lose inches and weight and will be able to take them to consignment soon!!

First time to pull out my Natualizer Boots from Marshalls…about three
years old.

Orange U Glad It’s Autumn??

What is your favorite shade of orange or do you avoid the color all together??

I turned on the news last night and there is Diane Sawyer in
a autumn orange suit!!

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