Favorite Autumn Colors: #5 Powerhouse Red!

Red Jacket:  Dress Barn
Liz Claiborne Blouse:  Ross
Lee Slimming Jean: Kohls
Ballet Flats: Target
Headband: Target

And whenever I’m in a situation where I’m wearing the same as 600 other people and doing the same thing as 600 other people, looking back, I always found ways to make myself different, whether it be having a red lining inside of my jacket, having red shoes, it hasn’t changed.

-Jeremy Irons

My Inspiration:  http://www.chico’s.com/

This week’s series has been about my favorite autumn colors, and there is no better way to bring this to conclusion than with the power of the color RED. Red makes a statement by itself alone….it is vibrant….and begs to be noticed. As if on cue, Chico’s introduced a new line of red this week with one of my favorite style icons, Diane Keaton, so I decided to select one of their looks and put together an inspiration style for today.


Let start at the bottom….I received so many compliments lately on the fit of the Lee Slimming Jeans that I decided to return to Kohl’s yesterday for a pair in black! Kohl’s ran a $10 off coupon in the newspaper this week…making it possible for me to walk away with these jeans for around $21!! I would have bought them in brown as well if my size had been on the shelf.

Belt: Kohls
Dana Buchman Bracelet: Kohls

Though I really am happy with my look, the winner of MOST FABULOUS DRESSED IN RED is Gigi!! After our cold front blew in  morning temperatures in the forties, Gigi came in a fabulous new look from the “W” collection topped with a Michael Kors red jacket she purchased at Costco for only $49!! She looked fabulous!

Michael Kors Jacket, $49: Costco!
She reported that Costco carried
this coat in many colors!

Dress and Belt: W Collection
Boots:  Kohls
Spanx Tights: Nordstroms

 I hope all this talk about red will inspire you to go out and have a fiery red weekend!!

Harper’s Bazaar for November also features RED!!


  1. Red is such a wonderful dynamic color, and you look ready to conquer the world there, Pam! Too funny how we both posted about DK for Chico's on the same day. Great minds, indeed.

  2. Red definitely makes a statement. I wouldn't go for a red skirt or pants but a jacket like this is a wise addition to any wardrobe. It's both classic and unique.

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