South Texas Autumn Landscape!

Those of us who celebrate Autumn in Texas acknowledge that one of our predominant seasonal colors is green! Though we now can see pops of color in our landscapes, we have much more green than any other color. As with orange, I have favorite shades of green.

Military Jacket:  Lane Bryant
Ralph Lauren Sweater: Macys
Lee Slimming Jeans: Kohls
Brown Flats:  Old Navy

 My favorite is the military, olive green rather than a lighter, brighter green. This is the shade that compliments my skin, hair, and eye color best. Prior to eight years ago, I never paid attention to colors that made my eyes stand out, but after learning more about color and receiving some comments by friends, I have begun to pay attention to this when dressing.

Scarf:  Lane Bryant

In honor of Jill at Everything Just So, whose favorite fall color is burgundy or merlot, I wore a rich Ralph Lauren sweater today underneath this fun military jacket. Burgundy is a must in my closet since it is one of the school colors for the high school where I teach…that is also a reason I weary of it…but agree… it is beautiful. I also love to put red and purple with the military green!! Something on my radar for the future is to wear black polka dots with a military green jacket. I saw this the other day on television and I loved the combo.

I have had my earrings for so long that I just do not remember
where I orginally bought them. But I really love them!
Bronze Bracelet:  Blanco, TX

So, do you ever dress to compliment your eye color??


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